7 Terrifying Twitters That You'll Lose Sleep Over

If you like reading scary stories at work, terrifying your friends for the laugh, or just generally getting the bejeezus scared out of you, this is for you. We've collected the best scary Twitter accounts, so you can slyly look through them at the office and give your work day the extra ~thrill~ it needs. (If you want nothing more than to never click on something that uses the buzz words, "scary," "terrifying," "creepy," "crawly," or "gory," then you should probably close this window immediately and go look at some really nice pictures of rainbows.) It's OK to admit that you like sunshine and daisies better than blood, guts and gore. But if you tend more toward the opinion that Halloween should be celebrated several times a year, stick around.

The Internet is generally a scary place, if you ask me. Like, I don't need to see guts to be totally alarmed by Internet content—especially when there are videos of families reenacting video games to reckon with. (I'm sorry but if that's your hobby, I'm totally alarmed by it.) And like, talking babies? Also, low-key terrifying. That sh*t is not normal.

These accounts are far more suspenseful, and traditionally terrifying. They will haunt you in a way that no viral video of a talking baby ever could.

1. @ScaryAssPicss

They've got everything from stomach churning pictures to haunting quotes.

2. @HorrificPics

Pretty much the opposite of the Double Rainbow video.

3. @TheScaryStory

Content aggregated to creep you the eff out.

4. @CreepyCatalog

Original writing that will guarantee you absolutely no sleep tonight. Or tomorrow night. Or for a week straight.

5. @TerrifyingPosts

These handles are getting pretty damn self explanatory.

6. @HorrorPicx

If we're going for transparency, I didn't get a good look at this photo because I was trying to avert my eyes and type at the same time.

7. @DisturbingPict

BRB I need to go cry and forget I ever read this.