How To (And Why You Should) Stream 'PLL' Season 6

Hold on to your hats, Pretty Little Liars fans. The Season 6 premiere is almost here, and it's going to be glorious (if we don't all die of anticipation before it even airs, that is). I mean, Season 6A already got the handy little hashtag, #SummerofAnswers going, and I don't know about you, but I'm absolutely counting on it to deliver — and I can hardly wait. But what's the best way to tune in week after week? How can you stream Pretty Little Liars Season 6 online?

Well, the ABC Family website is the obvious choice, and it's pretty easy to use. If you don't already have an account set up, you'll just need your cable provider info, and then you can create a login. Once you're all set, you can actually watch the show live on the website, so you don't have to worry about being spoiled, because you'll be right there alongside everyone watching on TV. (Unless you have super slow internet, but isn't PLL worth upgrading for?)

However if you miss an episode live, whether on your TV or computer, you won't be able to watch it until the next morning, when it is posted on the ABC Family site. So if you're a little more relaxed and can stand to wait until Wednesday morning to tune into your favorite show, it's definitely a viable option. For many cable providers, Pretty Little Liars episodes are also available On Demand for free the day after they air. Season 5 episodes were posted on Hulu the following day as well, though you needed to login with your cable subscription, so Season 6 will likely follow suit. And you can follow each episode's watch by listening to Bustle's Pretty Little Liars podcast, which unearths the latest theories surrounding the show.

So, if you've got cable (or a friend's account information, wink wink), there's no excuse to miss PLL. Whether you go with online streaming, watching it live, waiting until the next day, or by DVR, you pretty much have to see the new episodes, because Season 6 of Pretty Little Liars is going to be completely unmissable... and here are six reasons why.

First Off, The Trailer Was Bananas

The super-creepy trailer above ignited the hearts of PLL fans the world over. WE NEED MORE ROSEWOOD!

Season 5B Left Us Hanging

Okay, granted, PLL is known for its judicious use of jump scares and cliffhangers... but the Charles reveal has got to be among the worst (and by that I mean best). Take me back to the Dollhouse, stat!

You Need To Know What's Up With Andrew

Seriously, what's the guy's deal? And while we're at it, how the heck does Bethany Young factor into all of this? And Sara Harvey? And Wilden? And everyone else whose true motives have yet to be revealed?

You Can't Miss The Real Big A Reveal

Sure, we got #CharlesIsA, but now it's time to unmask Charles. We've been waiting six whole seasons to find out who has been under the hoodie, and Keegan Allen promised it would be "heartbreakingly beautiful." Could it be Wren, like the video above suggests?


That's it, just Haleb. I mean, that's a valid reason to stream a show, isn't it?

You've Been Going Crazy With All Of The Theories

Since PLL went on hiatus in March, our brains have been working overtime to come up with working theories. It's high time to sit back and enjoy the show now, isn't it?

Oh, and you know what else you need to do before you can start streaming Season 6? Why, spend a whole day marathoning Season 5, of course.

Welcome back, PLL. Boy have we missed you.

Images: Eric McCandless/ABC Family; Giphy (6)