Maya Could Still Be Alive On 'Pretty Little Liars'

Forget Andrew and Charles: To me, Maya is the Pretty Little Liars character with the most intriguing storyline. We haven’t actually seen Bianca Lawson, who plays Maya, since Season 2 (and we’re now about to start Season 6), and still there are plenty of plans and movements in motion that show just how important a character she really is. There’s virtually no way she’s dead: Maya is definitely still alive and well, even if she’s not in Rosewood.

At this point, I’m pretty convinced that Maya is a part of the A team. We know that Big A is Charles DiLaurentis, and we haven’t found out much about him, but we do know that Charles has recruited some followers now and again to help him with his evil deeds. What if Maya is one of these people? She and Emily hooked up way too quickly: Maya inserted herself very, very easily into Emily’s life, and why wouldn’t Emily let her? At that point, Emily hadn’t learned not to trust everyone she meets. She’s also an awful judge of relationship character, since her latest girlfriend literally tried to kill her and they still were able to fall in love and pretend like they were going to go to college together.

Because I am so sure that Maya is not pushing daisies as we all thought she was, here are the three major reasons why I can proclaim that Maya is definitely not dead.

We Never Saw Maya’s Dead Body

Though no one really ever feels gone in Rosewood, finding a body is a good indication that someone is dead. For instance, Detective Wilden? Definitely dead, and we saw his dead body. Bethany Young? Dead, and we saw her dead body. Same goes for Jessica DiLaurentis. The only one this doesn’t make sense for is Mona, but Mona makes her own rules when it comes to, um, everything. The fact that Maya’s body was never found (they only “thought” it was her — it was never confirmed) sends up a huge red flag to me that she is still alive, hanging out somewhere until A summons her home.

The A Texts Keep Coming

An interesting point to note is that all of this A nonsense with the texts and the taunting started basically as soon as Maya moved into Rosewood. Do you think that she could have moved to town and started sending texts just to make sure she could keep an eye on all of the girls? I do. After she recruited another person to watch the girls, she bailed to plan her next move. Maya’s a pretty slippery character.

She Built That Big Website So The Liars Could Have Fake Clues

If you were just living the life of a carefree teenager, would you have built this big, secretive website so your friends could unearth clues about your death? Or would you build a website so that your targets could think that they’re unearthing clues about your death but really they’re falling into your trap? I know that Maya’s website hasn’t been touched for a little bit, but you don’t plan to be murdered. Maya built that site for a reason, and she is still alive to see whatever it is she wanted seen come to fruition.

There’s definitely more to Maya’s death story than meets the eye, and I really hope that it at least starts to be resolved in Season 6. With only two seasons of Pretty Little Liars left to go, I want to see Maya-shaped fireworks in Rosewood.

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