The Girls' And Guys' Apartments In 'Friends' Compared: A Venn Diagram

TV tends to give us unrealistic expectations about many things, like romantic relationships, the cost of living in New York, and, most cruelly, the size and price of apartments. One need only watch an episode of Friends to see this in action. Both main apartments in Friends were far too spacious and well-decorated for the gang's respective jobs, but they were both host to hundreds of laughs and memories. Naturally, this is a situation which begs for a venn diagram comparing both iconic Friends apartments.

I live in the South, I've only been to New York a handful of times, and even I know that Monica's apartment is more amazing than what most average New Yorkers can afford on a modest budget. Joey and Chandler's apartment was slightly more like what I would expect, but still rather large for an actor and an IT procurement manager. Regardless of how realistic they were, though, I still loved all the crazy antics that went down in and around the two iconic Friends abodes. To make things even better, Friends loved shuffling the cast around between the two flats (that's what Emily Waltham called them), and hilarity always ensued in these roommate changes and re-decoration situations.

Basically, too much went on in these two spots to not think about these living spaces almost as characters in and of themselves. So, without further ado, I give you a venn diagram of both apartments in Friends:

Image: Warnes Bros. Television; Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle