17 Times Jennifer Lawrence Was A Human Emoji (Because J. Law Always Wears Her Emotions All Over Her Face)

Jennifer Lawrence is one of those people that you just can't help but love. People love J. Law because she is so real; her interactions with others overflow with sincerity and charisma. It's just impossible to dislike someone who is so comfortable in her own skin. She's one of America's biggest sweethearts for a myriad of reasons, one of the foremost which is because she is just so expressive and uninhibited. Basically, Jennifer Lawrence is the human embodiment of an Emoji, as you will soon be able to tell in the GIFs to come.

There's nothing better than someone who wears their heart on their sleeve and their emotions all over their face. These are the best kinds of people because they are the worst liars so you'll always know that what you're getting from them is authentic.

Jennifer Lawrence couldn't hide her emotions even if she wanted to and that's one of the many millions of reasons that we love her. Whether it's on a red carpet, tripping onstage at the Oscars, or in a candid interview, with J. Law, what you see is what you get. Even if all else fails, you know that you're always going to get a hilarious display of emotions from this girl on Emoji fire.

The Wink

J. Law's got that classic winky face Emoji down.

Crying Face With A Single Tear

Stoicly devastated.

The Laughing So Hard You're Crying Emoji

A personal favorite of mine.

Grinning with Wide Eyes in Surprise

The Emoji equivalent of an "OMG!!!"

The Monkey Covering Its Eyes Emoji


The Emoji Face Licking Its Lips

Om nom nom.

The Angry Red Emoji

Stay away from J. Law when she goes full Angry Red Emoji.

The Embarrassed Emoji Face

Whoopsies, it seems as if J. Law has said too much.

The Iconic Hair Flip Emoji

A.K.A. the best Emoji of all time.

The Flame Emoji

Because the flame Emoji can alternatively mean "You're so hot that you're on fire" and "There's an actual fire."

The Blushing Smiley Face Emoji

For those bashful moments in all of us.

The Knife Emoji

Or at least, this is the face that I would imagine would accompany the knife Emoji.

The Eyes Wide With Surprise Emoji

Maybe Emoji should come out with a special set of J. Law Emojis because her facial expressions are the stuff of legends.

The Dancing Red Dress Lady Emoji

Both the Emoji and Jennifer just convey a sense of pure glee.

The Thumbs Down Emoji

Do. Not. Like.

The Skeptical Emoji

Jennifer can't even right now.

The Winky Kissy Face Emoji

For all your flirting purposes.

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