Who Should You Date Based On Your Profession? An Unscientific Guide

On most online dating sites, one of the first pieces of information revealed on users' profiles is their professions. But how many people actually take occupation into account when deciding whether or not to send that first message? Are there specific people you should date based on your job? While I wouldn't discount someone solely because of their profession (unless it's, you know, Mafia boss or hit man), in my own unscientific opinion, different professions attract different personalities, and different personalities make for different relationships. Not every scientist is going to understand the struggles of creative types (though many do!), and someone who works for non-profits may not be able to get past their ethical qualms with investment bankers.

Hey, it's at least as scientific as matching Virgo with Taurus. (Ironically, as a Virgo, I was once rejected by a Taurus partially because he found it off-putting that I entertained astrology.) Handling spreadsheets all day counts as much toward your organizational skills as being born in September.

So, without further ado, here is an incredibly unscientific guide to which matches are made in heaven and which should never date ever unless drama, misunderstandings, and scheduling challenges sound like an appealing part of everyday life. Warning: This list below becomes progressively less serious throughout and may culminate in some rather questionable advice.

1. Writer + Teacher

Dating someone who can't express their emotions is highly frustrating for writers, who can't understand why someone would have trouble expressing anything, but a relationship between two creative types can sometimes lead to drama (goodbye, Adam). As we can see with Hannah and Fran, a teacher can match a writer's communication skills and entertain their lofty ideas while bringing them down to earth. Also, I'm biased, because I must admit I kind of have a thing for teachers. They just care so much about their students. Swoon.

2. Doctor + Doctor

Yes, I'm aware of the sexist cliche that every woman wants to find a doctor to finance her shopping whims, but unfortunately, if you date one, these shopping trips will have to be long ones because your significant other won't be around often. Since their only human interactions are often in the hospital, doctors often end of dating one another (at least if Grey's Anatomy is any indication). And forget about even trying to date a med student, whose attention will be more devoted to anatomy exams than your anatomy (if you catch my drift, wink wink). And trying to work around the schedule of someone in their residency? Oh honey, I'm so sorry. It's not you. They just haven't slept in three days.

3. Scientist + Entrepreneur

Let's face it, you're both complete nerds. Whether it's a pharmaceutical discovery or a new app, you're both obsessed with innovating toward the future. You loathe everything archaic and want to complete your daily tasks as efficiently as possible, so nobody will ever have to drag the other one out of the house. You also both value empirical facts in decision-making, but an entrepreneur's eye for what could be can balance a scientist's exacting attention to what is.

4. Artist + Academic

Artists (in the broadest sense, including musicians, actors, and designers), like writers, need someone who isn't afraid to talk about feelings and ask the tough questions. Wanting to change the world at the level of concepts rather than material situations, you both have some pretty lofty ideas and need someone who won't dismiss them as pretentious. You also can both work odd hours and can understand when your significant other is in the zone and not able to talk for an extended period of time.

5. Marketer + Model

Some might call you superficial, but you both get that crafting an image is a challenge and an art. Like Schmidt and Cece, you can also be a bit high-maintenance, but since you understand that this stems from a desire for everything to be perfect, you can forgive each other.

6. Editorial Assistant + High-Powered Executive

Since you're not very well-versed in the ways of the world, he can teach you new things in a red room. Wait, silly me, that's just the plot of 50 Shades of Grey! Never mind.

7. Revolutionary + Baker

If you're thinking, "that's not even a thing," you've caught me. I could continue to make up some mumble-jumble about the need to feel safe and welcome after coming home from battle, but the truth is, I'm just using this list to promote my own ideological agenda. Go Team Peeta! (And team Fran. Also, Schmidt + Cece... wait, was this whole list a ploy to prop up fictional couples?!? Don't trust what you read on the Internet, people.)

Images: kurichan+/Flickr; Giphy(7)