Is Andrew Campbell Varjack On 'Pretty Little Liars'? That Might Not Be The Question That Matters

Now that the Season 6 premiere of Pretty Little Liars has aired, fans know only slightly more about Charles and his dastardly plans to kidnap the Liars than we did before. Which is to say we know very little. But now that we all know that Charles DiLaurentis is A, who is Varjack, the mysterious assailant that made Cyrus crash his motorcycle last season? Given Ali’s obsession (as well as I. Marlene King’s) with Audrey Hepburn, “Varjack” is a play on Paul Varjak, a Breakfast at Tiffany’s character who eventually ended up with Holly Golightly herself. Last season the Liars tried to find out as much as possible about Varjack, landing on a pizza receipt and a phone number, but it really didn’t go anywhere. Is Varjack even a thing anymore? Does anyone even care now that the liars have escaped from Charles and have a Charles to worry about?

I’m going to venture to guess that no, Varjack isn’t something we’re going to worry about right now. In an interview with Bustle earlier this year, Pretty Little Liars writer Maya Goldsmith said, “As the girls say, [Varjack] is a nom de plume, it’s another name that A is using. At this point, the girls now have the name Charles, so in this season going forward, the girls are following this trail of ‘Who is Charles?’ That’s really where the focus is this season.”

If Varjack is a nom de plume and another name that A (aka Charles) is using, that has to mean that the Varjack name is dead, right? Or if it’s not dead, it’s certainly unnecessary. A has gone by plenty of names over the course of the show, and now that we’ve found that A is Charles DiLaurentis (probably his real name), we have no more use for the Varjack mystery. According to a thread on Reddit, Varjack’s phone number (the one the Liars saw that he used to order a pizza/maybe communicate with Ali) spells out SARA HARVEY, and A/Charles has had Sara Harvey in his dollhouse probably since she disappeared. This leads me to believe Goldsmith’s assertions that Varjack and A are one in the same.

There’s been chatter both on the show and on the Internet about Andrew Campbell being Charles/A. In the premiere episode, the Rosewood Police Department is combing through every lead possible to try and find him because they think he is responsible for the Liars’ kidnapping. I disagree: Andrew could not be Charles DiLaurentis. Run with me on this: Charles DiLaurentis, according to the prom scene in Season 5, is about seven years older than the liars, putting him in the same grade as Jason (who could be his twin), Cece, Melissa, and Ian. How would Andrew Campbell have been able to go to school with the Liars for the past three or so years (on television, at least — he’s probably been at the school for much longer than that) without anyone being able to say, “Hey, that guy graduated already. Why is he back in school?” He doesn’t look any older than any of the other Liars.

Andrew is a little bit of an evil genius, sure, but so is Mona and they are in the same grade and classes. Andrew’s disappearance following the liars’ kidnapping is a classic Pretty Little Liars red herring. Maybe Charles kidnapped him, also? Maybe he is on Charles’ trail with Melissa and Wren. We’re not sure yet.

For those of you good at those logic problems on the SATs, let’s finish up this equation: If Andrew is not Charles/A, and Charles/A and Varjack are more than likely the same person, then Andrew is not Varjack. If you follow some sort of rational thinking, Varjack is dead and gone — at least for now.

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