Amy Schumer Crashed An Engagement Photoshoot & Here Are 7 Other Milestones We Want Her To Crash ASAP — PHOTO

ICYMI, the Queen of making everyone's day — otherwise known as actress and comedian Amy Schumer — photobombed a couple's engagement shoot when she happened upon them during a jog. Getting engaged — and the subsequent photoshoot to accompany said engagement — is arguably one of the most beautiful, monumental events in a person's life. Adding an Amy Schumer photobomb to the mix can only serve in adding to the magic of this amorous trajectory, and I'd almost be jealous if this wasn't currently making me feel all the best feels. The photobombed couple in question are Josh Turnage and Brandon Moore, "who are getting engaged this October in Manhattan," according to Marie Claire. They were having engagement photos shot in Central Park by photographer Alisha Siegel when Schumer crashed the shoot in the most epic Schumer way possible.

"Out of nowhere I hear a girl scream 'Oh my God are you guys taking engagement photos?! Let me get in one!'" Siegal told Marie Claire of the happenstance meeting. Apparently, neither of the grooms-to-be recognized Schumer at first, but — upon realizing exactly who she was — "they all freaked out." Duh. Making amazing things all the more amazing and photobombing important events are old hat for Schumer. Remember that carefully orchestrated face-plant Schumer performed on the red carpet in front of Kimye? Classic.

With all this epic photobombing circulating around our respective news feeds, I thought it would be fun to look at some other choice milestones that could be made all the more momentous by Schumer. Enjoy!


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People usually frown upon the idea of having their wedding crashed. However, if Schumer suddenly burst in to "raise a glass," I feel there would be nary an objection.

Your First Big Music Video

I'm not sure who of you reading this are planning to pursue a career in the music industry, but for those who are, Schumer proved in her "Milk Milk Lemonade" sketch that she's a great person to have at your corner.

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Bachelor Parties

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I think the above video is all the evidence you need.


Other than having a date for prom, I think the biggest thing missing from my experience of this high school staple was a surprise appearance from Schumer.

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Forget cake and presents — having Schumer crash my birthday would be the best gift anyone could give.

The First Day Of A New Job

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Actually, even if it isn't your first day, can we all have at least one day a year where Schumer and Josh Charles walk around and converse like characters from The Newsroom while we're still on the clock. I work remotely, but I would totally enjoy this taking place in my living room, a cafe, or wherever I've decided to set up my laptop for the time being.

On A "Last F**kable Day"

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Obviously this is in jest, as Inside Amy Schumer's "Last F**kable Day" sketch centered on the ridiculousness of ageism and gender bias that continues to permeate certain facets of Hollywood. Since there really is no such day that any of us can be deemed un-f**kable, let's just say we wouldn't mind having Schumer — along with Tina Fey, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Patricia Arquette — crash our respective picnics.

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