Ranking Christina Aguilera's Best Style Reinventions, Because She's Not The Same Artist She Was In The '90s

Considering she's been a legend in the music industry for some time now, it's understandable that Christina Aguilera has changed her look more times than one might have thought humanly possible. However, while some styles have been winners, others have been seriously misguided — and the worst of them have been downright confusing. But what were the best and the worst of Aguilera's reinventions? She's come a long way from the bright and plucky youngster who sang Disney songs on The Mickey Mouse Club; where did she succeed and where did she stumble in her journey to become the powerful, body-positive star we know and love today?

Of course, the constant ebb and flow in Aguilera's style and identity is part of what her fans love about her, regardless of how successful or unsuccessful some of her looks may have been. Like Madonna before her, Aguilera has kept people guessing every step of the way, rarely repeating herself in both her music and her fashion. What started as a run-of-the-mill pop star look evolved into a racy, sexy diva look — before it ultimately developed the elegance and charm of a duchess. Along the way, she built a reputation as a self-confident woman with the talent to back up her ever-changing persona.

She may have things all figured out now, but that shouldn't stop us from looking at he past to survey her previous triumphs and mistakes. Here is a ranking of Aguilera's most notable phases, from worst to best.

(Spoiler alert... I am not a fan of her "Genie in a Bottle" look).

6. "Genie In A Bottle" (1999)


Seriously, I don't like it. Her first attempt to move from Disney star to pop diva was the worst version of Xtina. Back when she was too young to know better — and studio heads were telling her what to wear — she looked like nothing more than yet another bubblegum pop princess. Sure, the song was a hit, but she hadn't quite come into her own as a pop icon... and her clothing reflected it.

5. Mickey Mouse Club Christina (1993-1995)


Yes, this version of Christina is better than her "Genie in a Bottle" phase. Look at how adorable she is!

4. Her Classy, Brassy, "Candyman" Era (2007)


Five years after "Dirrty," Aguilera tried to clean up her act with this bombastic, big-band influenced pop ditty. The brazen sexuality of her past was replaced with candy-puns and USO-style uniforms. She looks great, but where's the rawness?

3. Big-Haired Xtina In Corsets (2001)


Trust me, this look wasn't just for the "Lady Marmalade" video. Aguilera rocked a giant mane of hair for a while after that collaboration — and though she looked great, but you have to feel bad for whoever got stuck sitting behind her at the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards in 2001.

2. Her "Dirrty" Phase (2002-2004)


Aguilera had been pushing the boundaries for a few years before she got "dirrty" about it. I, for one, love this phase of her career. Where some see a sex-crazed starlet fighting for attention, I see a sexually confident woman with the assless chaps to match.

1. Put-Together Voice Judge


Let's face it — Christina Aguilera has never been better. Now that she has those years of chaps and corsets behind her, she's finally settled on a much simpler, classier look — and, as a judge on The Voice, she gets to play soul-singing earth mother like never before.

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