What Was Phoebe's Music About On 'Friends'? It Wasn't All Smelly Cats & Chandler — INFOGRAPHIC

Out of all the Friends characters, the musically-inclined Phoebe was by far the most creative. When she wasn't working with massage clients, she was writing some of the most influential folk songs of the '90s — from "Smelly Cat" to "The Double-Double-Double-Jointed Boy." (OK, OK — so "most influential" might be a stretch. They were, at least, some of the funniest!) Most importantly, though, Phoebe's songs definitely had their own voice — and that voice was often yelling at ex-boyfriends or lamenting unfortunate feline odor. While she didn't exactly work off a formula, her music had a lot of trademarks.

Additionally, as with any great artist, Phoebe's body of work was characterized by a specific set of motifs, themes, and patterns. For instance: she sang about death a lot. Between her mother's tragic suicide and her grandmother's unexpected death, losing a loved one was a theme Phoebe visited quite a bit in her music. Of course, this varied — though it was a common theme, it wasn't all depression and death. Sometimes, she just sang about how much she loved happy things, like Christmas or babies or Chandler.

Case-in-point being her song, "Chandler":

First time I met ChandlerI thought he was gayBut here I am singingon his wedding day.

What I'm trying to say, really, is that Phoebe's music had a very particular set of themes that made her songs so classically her. So, what exactly did her songs include? Here's exactly what Phoebe's music was about:

Image: Warner Bros. Television; Dawn Foster/Bustle