Amy Schumer Joining Madonna's Rebel Heart Tour As Opening Act & It's Just More Proof That She's Going To Rule The World

If there were any questions left as to if whether or not Amy Schumer has lasting star power, this should put them all to rest for good. It recently was announced that Schumer has joined Madonna's Rebel Heart tour as opening act this September 16th, 17th, and 19th. Two things are clear from this news: first, ticket prices for those shows likely just skyrocketed past whatever astronomical level they were already at, and two, Schumer is officially the reigning Queen of Pop Culture. Before joining Madonna's tour, the comedienne was already everywhere: Her Comedy Central series, Inside Amy Schumer, continues to grab headlines and gain viewers as she pushes the boundaries of what a sketch show is, while also consistently contributing funny bits that skewer television's often misogynistic programming.

Each skit on her series is bite-sized and imminently shareable, rivaling that of Jimmy Fallon's consistent ability to create viral content on The Tonight Show. With her presence rapidly spreading across all platforms and her face a TV mainstay, Schumer's transition into a role like opening for a massive Madonna tour isn't a surprise. If anything, it's totally appropriate she would team up with the feminist powerhouse and legendary singer, seeing as Schumer's feminist influence is having just as much of an effect on the comedy world as Madonna's efforts to break down the often ill treatment of women are in the music industry.

Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Television, internet, movies, and now music — Schumer's got it all covered. While she might be involved in a ton of different things across the pop culture sphere, she brings each of them her own brand of bold, vulgar, feminism. And, even better, it resonates with people: Her show often pokes fun at and hones in on the entertainment industry's exacting (and contradictory) standards: For instance, her sketch that simultaneously poked fun at One Direction and the world's standard of beauty, “Girl, You Don’t Need Makeup.”

Her new movie Trainwreck is another project that's turning entertainment industry clichés upside down: Though the plot is the familiar tale of a commitment-phobe who doesn't want to settle down until they just so happen to meet the right person, the gender roles are switched: Instead of the commitment-phobe being played by a man, Schumer has stepped into the role so that she's the one ditching guys, and being pursued. She's making decisions about her love life for herself, and, in turn, the rest of her life in the movie does not revolve around relationships. This is a huge deal: For once, a female character in a romantic comedy is not just the shrew or the simpering love interest, and it's in great part thanks to Schumer.

Additionally, Schumer is consistently body-positive, and openly talks about loving yourself and self-confidence. It is her quotes that start dialogues, launch a string of think-pieces and empowering conversations that were not very common before she exploded onto the scene. Hopefully, this is leading to more acceptance and (ideally) more realistic looking women on our televisions.

Schumer joining Madonna's tour is just more proof that she's primed to take over the world, one feminist breakthrough at a time: She and Madonna are a match made in awesome lady heaven, and I cannot wait to see what creative genius comes from their tour collaboration.