8 Incredible Cakes Celebrating Gay Marriage

by Kat Kuehl

There's no secret that marriage equality is one of the biggest hot button discussions in our society today. In fact, it's so much of a trigger issue that there have been numerous news stories about bakery owners refusing to create wedding cakes for same-sex couples. But, now that the Supreme Court has ruled same-sex marriage bans unconstitutional, we have plenty to celebrate... and what better way to do that than with cake?

As far as I'm concerned, if two people of the same gender want to promise to put up with each other's shenanigans for the rest of eternity, let them eat cake! Love is love. That's a big promise to make, and we should all just rejoice in the fact that people are still decent enough to pledge everlasting love to one another.

But, let's put the social justice rants aside. Regardless of what your political or social views are, I think that we can all unanimously agree on this one fact: cake is an important part — if not the most important part — of a wedding. Forget the vows and the exchanging of the rings. We're all about chowing down on some delicious and sweet baked goods!

So, I've pulled together eight cakes that run the gamut from bright and powerful to smart and witty, and are perfect for celebrating same-sex unions. Some of these are so beautiful, even your conservative grandmother couldn't help but admit that they're amazing.

1. Political Statement Cake

Between the same-sex cake topper and the rainbow and California flags — a state where same-sex marriage is legalized by court decision — this cake certainly packs a punch.

2. Rainbow Cake

While this cake was initially created to celebrate pride month, it would still make a totally fitting same-sex wedding cake. It's bright, delicious, and sends a message!

3. Whimsical Cake

If you're celebrating the union of two people, this whimsical cake is the perfect way to break from tradition.

4. Hidden Heart Cake

This cake looks simple from the outside. But, once you cut it open, there's a super sweet surprise hiding in the center! Not only is this cake creative, but it also sends a subtle message about love being more about what's on the inside than the outside. Sneaky, huh?

5. Gradient Rainbow Cake

Of course, rainbows are a suitable choice for any pride or same-sex wedding cake. This five-tier cake is a gorgeous spin on the classic rainbow, with cascading bright colors all the way around!

6. Traditional Wedding Cake

There's no rule stating that a same-sex wedding cake needs to make a huge statement about pride or marriage equality. A gorgeous, elaborate cake like this one is worthy of being a focal point, without being blatant.

7. Funny Topper Cake

A witty cake topper is always appreciated, regardless of who's getting married. One of the grooms climbing the cake while the other patiently waits at the top? Charming. Plus, the couple's dog supervising from the sidelines is just another adorable personal touch.

8. Initial Cake

Of course, you don't need a cake topper to express the fact that you're joining together as one. Choose an initial cake to showcase either the initials of both of your first names, or the first letter of your new common last name!

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Images: Patrizia, Mary, Tom Newby, Samdogs, Bosc d'Anjou, Rachael/Flickr; Vanilla Bake Shop (2), charmcitycakes/Instagram