RJ Mitte Goes Topless For Vivienne Westwood With Help From Accessories

It's been a while since this Breaking Bad star has been in the spotlight, and his latest appearance might just surprise you. RJ Mitte walked Vivienne Westwood's runway wearing a boob-printed bag across his chest. He might not have been topless himself, but the accessory definitely had heads turning. Who knew boobs could be so fashion-forward?

The actor-turned-model, who played Walter Jr. on Breaking Bad , walked in the designer's Milan runway show, sporting the booby bag around his neck so that it fell across his chest. The accessory featured a black and white photo of a woman's bare chest, and the way Mitte wore it gave a new spin to the concept of going topless. This male model didn't let his wacky ensemble prevent him from smoldering. He gave the audience his best Blue Steele as he walked down the runway.

Mitte wore the bag with a distressed navy blue long sleeved top and pants, plus white Birkenstock-type sandals with red, green, and blue writing on them. But one thing's for sure — Mitte worked those boobs like he'd been wearing them his whole life. Do I sense a new trend in menswear?

This boob-positive movement isn't the only time high fashion has paid homage to the female form. Artists have been using breasts in their art since the beginning of time, so it only makes sense that designers have been following suit, especially with campaigns like Free the Nipple gaining steam.

From clothing campaigns to people showing their boob pride, there's no denying that breasts are having a stylish moment.

1. Willow Smith's performance outfit

Not everyone was on her side when she took to Instagram in the shirt depicting a bare chest, but that didn't stop Smith from taking pride in her decision.

2. Mae Whitman's boob suit

Designed by Rachel Antonoff, "The Boob Suit" was featured a black and white illustrated print of a topless woman. The subtle print was super artsy and paired nicely with the deep-v cut that Whitman used to show off her own cleavage.

3. #FreeTheNipple's campaign t-shirt

It only made sense that the Free The Nipple campaign would have t-shirts featuring a woman's exposed chest.

4. Rumer Willis's booby red carpet look

Araya Diaz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Willis walked the red carpet in a black and white t-shirt that showed her support for Free The Nipple.

5. Rihanna's CFDA gown


Rihanna kicked off the see-through dress trend and looked fierce and fabulous in her sheer gown at the 2014 CFDAs.

What boob-inspired outfits will we see next?

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