Every 'Pretty Little Liars' Relationship Ranked

Over the past few years, Pretty Little Liars has provided viewers with never-ending plot lines, more cliffhangers than anyone ever thought possible and, of course, friendship goals. In between figuring out that "A" was Charlotte DiLaurentis this whole time and trying to get the details on who uber "A" is, the Liars have also been part of some pretty stellar romantic relationships.

From the first episode, we're introduced to Ezra and Aria's complicated, sometimes questionable relationship (no apologies — his book-writing motives were sketch). As the episodes ticked on, we saw Emily and Maya get together only to tragically be pulled apart. (Thankfully, Paige came onto the scene and gave us an entirely new Emily-centric couple to follow!) Hanna fell in love with bad-boy-turned-awesome-boyfriend Caleb, while Spencer and Toby stole our hearts.

Needless to say, I'm almost — almost — as excited to see who's endgame as I am to finally learn who uber "A" is and why he (or she) has a beef with the Liars. While fans are still a ways away from either of those reveals, we can debate the relationships. In particular, which Liars have the most amazing pairings, a topic frequently discussed on Bustle's PLL podcast, Taking This One To The Grave .

Without further ado, I present the definitive ranking of every Pretty Little Liars couple:

40. Emily And Ben

Waaaaay back at the start of Season 1, Emily dated Ben. Unfortunately, he turned out to be terrible. (Remember when he attacked her in the locker room?) Bye, Ben.

39. Emily And Sara Harvey

Shower Harvey is as sketchy as they come

38. Tom Marin And Isabel

Remember when Hanna's dad informed her that he was paying for her stepsister's college education instead of hers? Sorry, Mr. Marin. Zero badass points for you.

37. Ashley Marin And Jason

This relationship was just too weird. Sorry Mrs. Marin.

36. Byron Montgomery And Meredith

Besides being the same cliché as Aria's relationship (sorry, Ezria shippers), these two were just not a good pair.

35. Ella And Byron Montgomery

Remember when everyone thought Byron was A? Anyway, he snuck around behind Ella's back and that is not okay.

34. Ashley Marin And Officer Wilden

Ugh, this one is a toughie. One hand, Wilden was creeping around the girl. On the other hand, Ashley, being the best PLL mom ever, dated him to keep Hanna safe.

33. Ella Montgomery And Zack

I liked Ella in cougar mode. Too bad Zack turned out to be the absolute worst.

32. Aria And Andrew

Before Andrew maybe kidnapped the Liars, he was really into Aria. It's a shame that she was still totally in love with Ezra.

31. Ian And Melissa

These two were full of secrets.

30. Aria And Wes

Kissing Ezra's little brother? Tsk, tsk, Aria.

29. Spencer And Ian

Remember that Spencer's original lie was that she kissed Ian? Of course, he was with Melissa at the time — and we all know how that storyline ended.

28. Hanna And Wren

Hanna had a brief fling with Wren, which mostly involved a quick kiss and some medical treatment for her leg.

27. Emily And Samara

These two were cute, but let's be honest: They weren't too memorable as couple. (Although, in Rosewood, uneventful seems to be a rare treat.)

26. Aria And Noel

Can you imagine if these two would have dated long-term? Anyway, they were cute while they lasted, but as we eventually learned, Noel is very suspicious.

25. Ezra And Maggie

Even though this couple was together before the show started, Maggie's relationship-shaking appearance makes them worthy of the list. Points to Ezra for stepping up when she arrived with his alleged child. No points for her sketchiness.

24. Aria And Jake

He was definitely way more into her than she was into him, but he was a nice break from Ezra. (Sorry again, Ezria fans.)

23. Spencer And Alex

Spencer's parents were not into her Romeo and Juliet-esque affair, but these two were cute while they lasted.

22. Spencer And Caleb

I know Spaleb might be happy together in this ~brave new world~ we're calling Pretty Little Liars Season 6B, but everyone knows Hanna and Caleb belong together.

21. Aria And Liam

AND I know that Aria and Liam might be having fun, but everyone knows Ezra and Aria are totally endgame.

20. Hanna And Jordan

Hanna engaged to someone who isn't Caleb? WHY IS ANY OF THIS HAPPENING?!

19. Alison & Dr. Rollins

Although I can't shake the feeling that Dr. Rollins is totally sketch, so far, he and Ali seem fine together.

18. Spencer And Wren

There's no denying that these two had chemistry. Unfortunately, Wren was with Spencer's sister first. and EW.

17. Pam And Wayne Fields

Emily's parents get major points for having to be separated due to his job and still being a model couple.

16. Veronica And Peter Hastings

A true PLL power couple, if ever there was one.

15. Jason And Aria

They couldn’t make things work out, but they sure looked good together while it lasted!

14. Aria And Holden

OK, so most of their relationship was for show, but these two were genuinely cute together. Not to mention, they always had each others' backs.

13. Hanna And Sean

Things didn't work out for these two, but Sean was still a pretty decent guy. Also, Hanna found Caleb, so it's safe to say that things worked out for the best.

12. Emily And Maya

Although I'm definitely more #TeamPaige, Emily and Maya's tragic ending broke my heart a little.

11. Ashley And Pastor Ted

Only the best for Ashley Marin.

10. Hanna And Travis

We all mourned when Caleb went to Ravenswood. Hanna passed the time by dating good-guy Travis — although they ultimately parted ways.

9. Spencer And Andrew

They didn't officially couple up, but their strip study session earns them a spot in the rankings.

8. Ali And Emily

This brief, complicated coupling gets a mid-level ranking because, half the time, Alison was manipulating Emily.

7. Noel And Jenna

Rosewood's two shadiest teens are perfect for each other.

6. Aria And Ezra

Aria sticking by Ezra's side when his ex showed up with a child she claimed to be his (but wasn't, in the end) is proof that these guys are endgame.

5. Melissa And Wren

All of the bonus points to this couple for having the good sense to flee Rosewood and the United States.

4. Mona And Mike

Mona and Mike faced more tragedy and upheaval than the average high school lovebirds, but they're kind of unexpectedly perfect together.

3. Emily And Paige

Overlooking the fact that Paige once tried to drown Emily, these two are ridiculously cute. Paige, come back to us!

2. Spencer And Toby

Toby became a cop to protect Spencer. Also, he totally holds his own in a Scrabble game against her, which says a lot.

1. Hanna And Caleb

Even before Ashley Marin's seal of approval, there was no doubt in my mind that Haleb is PLL 's ultimate OTP.

Who else wants a rewatch right about now?

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