Relationships In 'PLL' Vs. Relationships IRL

When you really think about it, almost all of the relationships on Pretty Little Liars are enviable. Who hasn't dreamt they were dating Ezra Fitz, while not-so-secretly crushing on Lucas Gottesman? OK, so maybe my taste is a little... erm... unusual. The point is, with so many PLL 'ships to choose from (this handy graph explains everything you need to know), it's easy to develop a super specific set of #RelationshipGoals based upon the show.

However, TV can break the rules whenever it wants to. For instance, in real life, dating a teacher might be considered taboo or a criminal offense, but, in PLL, if you're truly in love, you can really do no wrong! I love Ezria as much as the next person, but their sketchy beginnings have got to have us asking those all-important questions about morality. Side-by-side, how do real life relationships shape up to relationships in PLL? What can we learn from Spencer, Hanna, Emily and Aria (Not Alison! I repeat, do not take relationship advice from Alison DiLaurentis!) about the way they handle the important relationships in their lives, and what should we most definitely ignore? Which experiences are different IRL, and which are totally the same?

Breaking Up

In PLL: A super eloquent discussion, everything neatly ended with the perfect sentence and a beautiful song.

IRL: Expletives, profuse crying, throwing objects across the room, and bitter phone calls five months later. Or is that just me?

Organising Dates

In PLL: Turn up unannounced, let yourself in, and act surprised when you walk into someone's bedroom and they try to hit you over the head with a household object. You do know that everyone is Rosewood is being stalked by a crazed serial killer, right?

IRL: Text ahead of time and arrange a meeting place. Like a normal person. Or ring the doorbell?

Going Undercover, Working With The Enemy, And Wearing A Creepy Disguise

In PLL: Whenever necessary, it's perfectly fine to go undercover and work with the bad guys, as long as you're looking out for your friends. Even if this involves wearing the same outfit as "A," and spying on your loved ones without them knowing.

IRL: Probably best not to do this. There are legit easier ways to protect your loved ones.

The Run/Kiss/Embrace In A Public Place (And In Slow Motion!)

In PLL: Whenever you feel the urge to let someone know you love them, why send a message or Facebook sticker when you can run into their arms and make-out in mid-air in slow motion while totally beautiful music plays?

IRL: Running and jumping into the arms of anyone is likely to cause a terrible accident. It'll also be totally embarrassing when you miss each other's mouths and your teeth crash together. Just no.

Formally Telling Parents You're Together

In PLL: When you're in love, the truth will set you free. Which can be the only reason Ezra Fitz thought it a good idea to tell Aria Montgomery's parents that he was in love with her and that they were together. Despite being her English teacher. Bravery!

IRL: Have a nice life in jail!

Every Problem Can Be Solved With Food

In PLL: Just broke up with your boyfriend who is also your teacher? Near-death experience with your stalker? Know what you need? A sandwich, that's what!

IRL: Food totally helps, don't get me wrong. But so does therapy.

Co-ordinating Outfits

In PLL: Any important event, party or social occasion means one thing — time to co-ordinate your outfits!

IRL: If you're lucky, your other half will agree to a matching Halloween costume. Though, in my experience, this is a hard sell.

Gym Kisses

In PLL: Nothing says romance like a hearty one-to-one self defense work-out, to prepare you for any future attacks by creepy stalkers. Go for it!

IRL: Sweat. Dripping. Down. Face. And my armpits. Did I mention my pits?

Romantic Kisses In The Rain

In PLL: Nothing better than a long, drawn-out kiss in the rain. In the middle of the street. In front of oncoming traffic. Don't worry, those cars will think it's totes cute you're making out in the rain and stop to watch. Or something.

IRL: Now, this one I've tried. Was it romantic? For about five seconds. Until my clothes were completely soaked through with freezing rain and my teeth wouldn't stop chattering. Then the sexy stopped.


In PLL: Sometimes you just need someone to hug you, make you feel safe, and help you sleep.

IRL: This one is universal. Who doesn't like snuggling?

Losing Yourself

In PLL: Even the strongest 'ships in PLL have left our protagonists feeling lost and alone. Sometimes, despite loving someone, it's tough making a relationship work.

IRL: PLL is spot on about this. Sometimes, even when you love someone, you have to pause and figure yourself out first.

Sexy Group Outfits

In PLL: Group shopping for sexy Christmas underwear is totally on the menu, yo!


With Pretty Little Liars heading towards a time-jump, it'll be interesting to see how all of the relationships have evolved in the interim.

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