Kendall's Party Attire? A Baggy T-Shirt

by Madison Fraser

Between launching her own lip color and starring in a new Givenchy campaign in Vogue Japan, the model of the moment has had a heck of a week. I'm always amazed at how polished she manages to look in the madness that is her life, and even more amazed that Kendall Jenner wore an oversized Yeezy t-shirt to last night's "Emotionally Unavailable" release party for singer Justine Skye and still pulled it off. She's the queen of street style no matter what she's doing, be it shopping for puppies or leaving the airport, and she recently sported an oversized Yeezy sweatshirt as a dress, so I guess her choice of party attire fits the reoccurring theme.

Jenner paired the baggy tour t-shirt with black skinny jeans and thigh-high snakeskin boots. I wish I could say I could pull one of my dad's ratty old t-shirts out of his closet and look as shabby chic as she did last night, but alas, here I am with a drawer full of them as pajamas. As someone who loves lazy attire but can never embrace it as much as I want to in my daily life, Jenner has definitely inspired my next party outfit. I may have to hit up the nearest thirft store to really commit to the part, or maybe I'll just go buy some thousand dollar snakeskin booties. I feel like the former may be cheaper.

Take a look at the winning tee in all its glory. And honestly, even if you don't approve of the rocker look (which, in that case: bye), at least Jaden Smith always will.