9 Reasons To Watch 'Heirs' This Summer, Especially If You're Still Missing 'Gossip Girl'

It's summertime, and we all know what that means... time to find a new show to binge-watch. if you're on the market for something to get you through the summer, it might be time to crack out the Korean dramas... and if you're in the market to start a new one, Heirs might be one of your best bets. It's right up there with smash-hit alien love story My Love From Another Star , if you ask me — after all, it stars three of South Korea's top stars-of-the-moment (Park Shin Hye, Lee Min Ho, and Kim Woo Bin), and it basically has everything you could ever ask from in a TV show. While (almost) everything is on hiatus (luckily, there's still True Detective and Pretty Little Liars on the air right now, or it would be really dead out there), I'd recommend giving this K-Drama a go.

I mean, the drama largely consists of beautiful people wearing beautiful clothes, hanging out in beautiful locations — oh, and there's a Cinderella-meets-Pride and Prejudice bent to the storyline, which is always a good thing in my book. Plus, there's a good heaping of drama to go along with all of the eye candy (it reminds me a lot of something like Clueless or Gossip Girl told from a South Korean perspective). Not quite convinced yet? Here are nine reasons you should give it a watch:

1. It has a kickass love triangle...

OK, who doesn't want to watch a story where a plucky young lady has to choose between two super-rich, super-handsome guys?

2. ...Which, of course, includes a catty fiancée.

The fiancee in question happens to have a Blair Waldorf-worthy collection of headbands (because of course).

3. There are a lot of fab rich people running around.

Daughters of presidents of giant entertainment conglomerates, sons (and illegitimate sons) of ultra-important company presidents — all dressed to the nines, pretty much 24/7 (basically, "Heirs" is certainly a fitting title for this drama).

4. There's some fun melodrama going on.

Heirs is, at its core, a romantic comedy — but that doesn't mean there isn't some darker elements going on as well. Eun Sang has it particularly rough: Her mother is hearing-impaired and stuck working as a maid for Kim Tan's mother, and her sister's a runaway. Add that in with all of the backstabbing company machinations going on between all of the heirs/heiresses and their powerful parents, and you've got a lot of juicy drama.

5. The beauty game is insane...

If you haven't already guessed, I'm a huge fan of South Korean beauty trends, and Eun Sang sports her fair share of on point makeup looks throughout the series (I'm an especially big fan of her lipsticks).

6. ...And so is the fashion game

Eun Sang keeps things pretty simple, but a lot of the more moneyed characters look like they walked straight in off the runway (especially Bo Na, the daughter of the CEO of Mega Entertainment).

7. The Americans are kind of hilarious.

I'm assuming if you're reading this, you're most likely American — and if that's the case, you'll probably get a huge kick out of the buffoonish American characters on the show.

8. It's super picturesque

OK, most of us don't spend our days surfing at Newport Beach, or driving around LA in a shiny red convertible... but it sure is nice to live vicariously through the insanely well-to-do heirs of Heirs.

9. It's adorable.

Just look at this couple, and tell me you don't want to watch them fall in love.

Images: Heirs/DramaFever