You Need Rainbow Champagne At Your Pride Party

There's never a bad time to bust out the champagne. June is Pride Month, which means you are going to want to raise a glass of bubbly in celebration — and rainbow champagne with fruit skewers is just about as celebratory as it gets. Fresh fruit, vibrant colors, and a slight buzz? Yup, you can definitely count me in. Pair these pretty drinks with a few rainbow cocktails and jello shots, and you know you are in for a party. And now that same-sex marriage bans have been ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, there's no better time for a toast.

Oh, and did I mention this is ridiculously easy to make? For some super sweet sipping, all you need are a few bamboo sticks or straws, and your favorite summertime fruits (and also maybe a general understanding of ROYGBIV, but we'll totally understand if you want to do your own thing and layer your colors in a better way that speaks to you). Slice up your fruit into cube-sized pieces, skewer everything together onto a bamboo stick or a straw, drop your fruit kebab into a glass, and be generous as you pour in the champagne. You can't mess this up.


  • An assortment of colorful fruit — we used strawberries, papayas, honeydew melon, pineapple, watermelon, and grapes
  • Straws or bamboo skewers
  • Champagne


1. Gather your fruit onto a plate, and decide how you want to layer your pieces.

2. Use a bamboo stick or a sturdy straw, and skewer on the fruit.

3. Add your fruit to a glass, pop some bubbly, and cheers!

So toast to gay pride, toast to love, toast to equality and progress. Pride festivities are amazing on their own, but it never hurts to have a little bubbly around.

Image: Bianca Consunji/Bustle