Bride Plots To Help Cousin Get Engaged At Wedding

Weddings are basically breeding grounds for cute things to happen. We've got flower girls stealing the show, we've got puppets officiating ceremonies, we've got Ed Sheeran wedding crashing like a boss—and because the internet was basically invented to perpetuate cute wedding things, we now have this bride pretending to throw her bouquet so her cousin could get engaged at her wedding. Yes, it already sounds stinkin' cute, but you can't even anticipate the eye geyser that this is going to cause you until you're watching it.

Tyler and Chelsea, the newlyweds in this wedding moment to top all other wedding moments, plotted with Brett, the longtime boyfriend of Chelsea's cousin, Megan. Instead of tossing the bouquet to let fate decide who was going to get married next, Chelsea executed the world's cutest fake-out, handing the flowers to her cousin—at which point her boyfriend of eight years got down on knee and proposed. She cried, he cried, everyone cried, YOU'RE GOING TO CRY. You might have molten steel running through your stone heart and you won't be able to un-cry about this. I'm just going to ease you into this cuteness, one ridiculous gif at a time. Brace yourself. Tears are coming.

First, Chelsea's fake-out

The proposal

Your new #SquadGoals

It's basically like these four were trying to break my tear ducts. Well, IT'S WORKING. Thanks for that.

Here's the whole adorable charade below:

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