Will Beyoncé Be At The BET Awards?

by Maitri Suhas

The 2015 BET Awards are around the corner, and this Sunday's ceremony is going to be something special. Besides being the 15th anniversary of the awards show, Janet Jackson is being honored with the very first Ultimate Icon: Music Dance Visual Award to give ups to her long, dynamic, and groundbreaking career that changed the hip-hop and R&B world for female artists forever. So I have to wonder: Will Beyoncé, one of Jackson's biggest fans, be at the BET Awards this year? She has plenty of reasons to attend the awards show.

First of all, Queen Bey has been nominated, DUH! For the 2015 awards, Beyoncé has earned four nominations, in second place for the most by any single artist this year after fellow queen and friend Nicki Minaj, and Chris Brown, somehow, who both have six each. Last year, Beyoncé was nominated for the most awards with six total nods, and she took home two: for Best Collaboration for "Drunk In Love" with hubby Jay Z, and the FANdemonium Award, because obviously she's a fan favorite. Wouldn't you want to be at an awards show where you have four chances to win?

Al Bello/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Apparently, Bey had better things to do last year, though. When the 2014 BET Awards aired last summer, Bey and Jay were on their On The Run tour, and so were absent from the show. Well, kind of. They did stream in a performance of "Partition (Remix)" from their show in Miami to close out the awards, and even though they weren't even there IRL, Jayoncé's performance was by far the best.

But Beyoncé isn't on tour right now! We know from her Instagram that she's been on vacation, including that selfie of her looking so good it should be illegal in a swimsuit and a high, braided ponytail. Have mercy, Bey! So are she and Jay Z taking some time to chill before their Made In America tour kicks off?

Part of me thinks that they might skip this year's awards, if it weren't for one thing, or should I say, one legend: JANET. Beyoncé, of course, loves Janet Jackson unconditionally. She's gushed before about how much she loves Jackson and how much influence she's had on her own phenomenal career, saying that she learned it all from Miss Janet. And the best tribute she gave to her idol? When Beyoncé dressed up like Janet Jackson in her iconic Rhythm Nation outfit for Halloween in 2014, with baby Blue Ivy dressed up like Michael Jackson, another one of Bey's heroes.

Beyoncé isn't on the list of performers this year, but in my heart of hearts, I'm hoping that she's gonna give a surprise tribute to her hero. Right now, BET has a pretty stellar lineup of artists that are going to be honoring Jackson in a musical medley, including Janelle Monae and Jason Derulo, but who better to honor her than Beyoncé herself? And even if that dream doesn't come true, my bets are on Beyoncé attending Sunday's ceremony, not only to (probably) sweep the awards herself but to honor her hero. And wear something fabulous, as always.

Image: Getty Images