Rock A Transparent Rain Coat Like Rita Ora

Although she has an impressive style history, Rita Ora's transparent rain jacket from last year's Glastonbury Festival managed to fly beneath my radar. Until, of course, she posted a throwback photo of it and reminded her followers that she's always making a style statement of some kind. The star is constantly trying so many new and exciting trends, and it's nice to be reminded of some of her most wearable looks.

In the photo, she rocked a transparent raincoat with black trim that left her cow printed crop top and pants on full display. Because what's the point of a cow print if no one can see it, am I right? This look might be much tamer than what the trendy singer traditionally wears, but in some ways it's one of her best looks. I mean, cow print? A clear jacket? Come on!

Ora wore white, fringe cowboy boots, and an armful of rings and bracelets to complete the look and make a statement at last summer's festival, and it's too bad that she couldn't make it this year. I'd sure love to see what her music festival style would look like on year out from this image. I'm guessing that she would probably still rock her bright red lipstick and hoop earrings, both of which are seen in the photo, but we'll just have to imagine the rest.

The singer might have rocked the transparent raincoat a year ago, but the style has decided to stick around and you can still find plenty of them in stores. It looks like the transparent rain jacket isn't going anywhere soon, and I can't say I'm complaining.

1. Patterned and Printed

Take a summery approach to the trend with a bright and colorful print.

(Clear Hooded Festival Rain Trench, Brat & Suzie, $63)

2. Openly Opaque

Try a look that's slightly less see-through for a more polished take.

(BASIQ Rain Coat, Revolve, $255)

3. Perfectly Pastel

The pastel trim lends even more personality to the look.

(Clear Rain MAC, ASOS, $72.49)

4. Clearly Traditional

Rain or shine, this clear coat is a great way to show off your outfit underneath.

(Transparent Raincoat, Ali Express, $10.43)

5. Lavishly Long

Perfect for showing off a statement dress, this rain jacket will complement your style and keep you dry.

(Transparent Rain Coat, Forever 21, $27.90)

Images: Courtesy Brands