This 'Greek Wedding' Teaser Will Slay You — PHOTO

by Tracy Dye

ICYMI, Sex and the City and Parenthood alum, John Corbett, was shirtless in a big way while posing for an Instagram selfie (ussie?) with My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 costar, Nia Vardalos. As if news that a Greek Wedding sequel is in the works wasn't enough to excite fans, Corbett's ladder-like abdomen may just send everyone into a jubilant frenzy. It's been over a decade since the wildly successful Greek Wedding was released in theaters and audiences shared a collective swoon when adorable couple, Toula Portkolas (Vardalos) and Ian Miller (Corbett), got their happy ending. Still, every "happily ever after" can lead to a new beginning (at least that's what I gathered from Into The Woods ), and I for one am thrilled that we get to see Toula and Ian's story continue on the big screen. The two aren't the only characters to get excited about, however. According to E! News, actor John Stamos will be entering the Greek Wedding fold, and former *NSYNC member, Joey Fatone, will be returning as Toula's cousin, Angelo. YAS!

Let's circle back to that shirtless selfie, though, because it's amazing. It's unclear as to why Corbett is missing his shirt for the pic, but judging by his widespread grin, he doesn't mind going without the added fabric.

My personal reaction to the beauty that is this photo ranged from giddy, to awestruck, and everything in between. It is impossible to gauge the type of reactions other Greek Wedding fans had to said photo (I'm sitting alone in my bedroom as I type this), but I have a few ideas...

"What Is This Guy's Regimen?"

Seriously, if there is a third installment of Magic Mike, I'd love to see Corbett make an appearance.


While I'm poring over Corbett's shirtless selfie with elation, some of you may be concerned about exactly how he lost his shirt. Is this for a scene in the movie or is Corbett actually having trouble finding something to wear? Is he cold? Is that smile just for show? CORBETT, PLEASE TELL ME YOU'RE OK!

"Where Is Joey Fatone?"

The only thing that could have made this picture better would have been a surprise photobomb from Fatone.



"I Need To Clean My Windows"

This doesn't really have much to do with Corbett or his lack of shirt, but — if you're like me — any Greek Wedding news immediately spurs thoughts of Windex.

"I'm So Happy I Could Cry"

This is a thought that can be rendered both by Corbett's abs and the simple fact that a Greek Wedding sequel is finally happening.

Images: Instagram/Nia Vardalos; Instagram/John Stamos; Giphy (5)