Time-Traveling With Kim And Rob Kardashian

Oh, high school! Everybody has a different opinion about those four years — whether wishing they could go back to those carefree times or thinking "thank god that's over." Tying into that nostalgia, Kim Kardashian posted about Rob Kardashian's 10-year high school reunion on Sunday afternoon on her Twitter and Instagram. According to the posts, back when he was graduating, Rob left a letter to his future self and said to give it to his sister if he didn't show up. Well, he successfully predicted where he'd be in 10 years: absent from his high-school reunion. Rob didn't attend, so as requested, his old friend sent a photo of the letter to Kim, who naturally shared it on social media. (What else would she do with it?!)

So what wisdom did high school Rob jot down on paper? No one knows! According to Kim's tweet, it's a mystery to both of them. She wrote, "I wonder what the letter says. Rob can't remember lol We're dying to read it together!"

This spurred a series of tweets from Kim about high school. She added, "I remember writing a letter like this before I graduated & projected where I would be in 10 yrs! I never went to see what it says! LOL 20yr?" and "Time capsules are so fun! #My20YearReunionIsComingUP"

Can you imagine what Kim and Rob Kardashian were like in high school? Here are a few guesses about what they both wrote to their future selves, compared to where they actually wound up. (Of course this is all hypothetical, but as a Kardashian expert, I'd like to think my imagination is pretty accurate!)

Kim would be married with kids

Since she's so into marriage, Kim would have assumed she'd be married by the time her 10-year reunion hit. I doubt she predicted she'd be married three times and to one of the most famous rappers around. Now she has one (incredibly adorable) daughter and a son on the way.

Rob would be a businessman

He did go to business school at USC, so he was on an entrepreneurial track anyway, but I'm unsure if socks were always his calling. What kid grows up thinking, "I NEED to create my own sock line?" He probably expected to sell watches, design cars, or maybe make baseball caps (since he wears them so often), but hey, socks are pretty cool.

Kim would be famous

At age 13, she announced she would be famous in an old home video. But really, I don't think she knew she would be THIS famous. Or that her entire family would have their own TV series.

Rob would create his own video game

Nope, sorry! Kim stole this goal from him. In fact, the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game continues to be super successful. Still, I could see high school Rob playing a ton of video games after school.

Kim would be a teacher

In an old interview on Seventeen.com, Kardashian said she wanted to be a teacher growing up. That's not *quite* the direction her career has gone.

Rob would invent his own dance moves

I could picture teenage Rob doing the worm, fist-pumping, or whatever other cool dance moves existed back then. Chances are he wouldn't have predicted he'd not only continue to dance, but be a contestant on Dancing With the Stars.

They would always put family first

Regardless of whatever goals they had, they probably both wrote about how much their family means to them. Years later, their closeness took on whole new levels when they decided to open their lives to the world.

Honestly, who knows what they wrote down in those letters? But either way, they never could've predicted the stars they'd blossom into — aka the greatest family on reality TV.

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