Do Dean & Charles Know Each Other On 'PLL'?

It was such a shame when Pretty Little Liars fans barely got to look at Dean Stavros’ beautiful face in Season 4 before Veronica Hastings fired him. You see, Dean was Spencer’s counselor when she got out of rehab for her prescription pill addiction, and when Veronica saw Dean and Spencer asleep on the couch together, she pulled out her Jump to Conclusions mat and canned him. We’re in luck, though — Dean is back for Pretty Little Liars Season 6, but why? My guess, bold as it may be, is that Dean and Charles DiLaurentis know each other, and the sober coach is helping Big A plot against the liars.

Just go with me on this one, OK? We’ll get through it together. With Dean being a drug counselor and Charles having been in Radley, there could have been some overlap of their time in the mental hospital. It's completely plausible that there were Radley patients who also had dependency issues. Maybe Dean was there as a counselor and after hearing Charles rant about how much he hates his family, his sister, and her friends, Dean came on board to help with his evil plans for DiLaurentis domination and destruction.

There’s a third player in this game — Wren. Doctor Kingston wriggled his way into the Hastings family as Melissa’s fiancé, and then he went and smooched Spencer, breaking his engagement up, and got a job as a doctor at Radley. Like, what kind of doctor is Wren, anyway? The “whatever he wants” kind, it seems. We don’t see him doing obstetric or dermatology rounds, do we? But I digress. Here’s the next bombshell: Wren could easily be Charles DiLaurentis. The accent is the perfect cover, Wren definitely seems like a sociopath, and the ages work out very nicely for him to be Charles. I’m not in the “Charles is dead” camp — that’s too easy. Seems to me that none of the parents nor Melissa, his lady love, have seen Charles in his teenage or adult years, so Wren’s infiltration of the Hastings home (have you ever noticed how close they live to the DiLaurentis family?) was fairly simple. He also had access to a ton of medical records and equipment.

Wren knows Radley like the back of his hand, so getting a job there was easy. When he was booted from the Hastings house, he made it so that his buddy Dean would be right there to be Spencer’s counselor. Of course, Spencer was willing to open up to her counselor, who would then report back to Wren/Charles. It’s the perfect way to get intel on the girls and find out how much they know about Charles.

There you have it — there’s a great chance that gorgeous, nice counselor Dean is a total psycho who is working for Charles DiLaurentis. It’s always the hot ones, you know? For more Charles theories and Wren sketchiness, check out Bustle's Pretty Little Liars podcast below.

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