'Aquarius' Season 2 Spoilers From Chance Kelly Tease Even More Real Life Drama Ahead

Before the first season was done airing, NBC's historical fiction involving Charles Manson, Aquarius, was renewed for a second season. Fans of the show who couldn't wait week to week for a new episode probably discovered that the addictive series was also available — in full — on streaming platforms. If you've finished the season, you probably have a few questions you're itching to be answered in Season 2 of Aquarius . Fortunately, actor Chance Kelly — detective Ed Cutler on the show — spoke with Bustle about Season 2 Aquarius spoilers, expectations, and how the "completely new concept" of the series will progress.

"I hope that we delve a little deeper into the historical aspects," Kelly says about the forthcoming Season 2. Although nothing has been announced — or possibly even decided yet — by the writing team of Aquarius, Kelly says he would love to see the continuation of blending historical events with fictitious storylines. "I think people will start to pay closer attention to the historical details and be a little more scrutinous of, 'Oh, that didn't happen,' or 'That did happen,'" the actor acknowledges.

The draw of Aquarius, beyond a great cast of actors and writers, is the fact that viewers at home who are knowledgeable about the history of Manson and his "family" will immediately see parallels to real life on the show. If you're not familiar with the story, it becomes fun to research what parts of the show that are and are not pulled from history.

"Early on, there wasn't much documentation of what was going on in the group," Kelly says. "It wasn't until they came into the forefront of everybody's picture when they had these horrific murders [that the spotlight turned on them.]"

The murders, namely the Tate-LaBianca ones committed by the Manson group in 1969 — will probably not be in the next season. Kelly says he heard the show might not stick to a year per season. "It might be less, it might be six months per season," he said of the show which starts its storyline in 1967 — a full two years before those infamous killings. That doesn't mean a Season 4 or 5 might not include them, but one step at a time. For now, I'm just still worried about the fate of Claire Holt's character.

Regarding Charmain's cliffhanger, Kelly is tight-lipped on any spoilers. (It was worth a shot, right?) "I would certainly think you'd want her there," Kelly hints of his hopes for Charmain in Season 2. "There's a lot of development in that character. Claire [Holt] is a fabulous actress," he says of his costar. "Keep watching and it just gets better."

And so the wait for Season 2 begins.

Images: Vivian Zink/NBC (2)