Will ‘Big Brother 17’ Twin Julia Join The House & Play For Herself? It Depends On How Well She Can Be Her Sister

It's official, folks! The Season 17 Big Brother twins are Liz and her sister Julia. The two houseguests will be periodically swapping places to fool the other competitors, and they will both play as Liz. But, will Julia ever get to join the Big Brother house as herself? That all depends on how she plays the game. If Liz and Julia can successfully fool the houseguests and not get eliminated for the first five weeks, both of them get to enter the house and play as individuals.

Although Liz and Julia do look a lot alike, it's a tough challenge to undertake. Aside from needing to appear the same, the sisters have to make sure not to slip up and reveal their identities, or forget some crucial piece of game play that may have occurred while they weren't in the house. The Season 5 twins (Natalie and Adria) that competed in this twist only had 15 minutes to debrief when they swapped places, and sometimes they were covering days worth of content.

Harder still is the emotional toll it will take for Julia to become her sister. Season 5's Natalie was surprisingly emotional about how difficult it was to assume her sister's identity. For five weeks no one knows who you are, you're forced to answer to a name that's not yours, and you're essentially becoming another person. It's pretty overwhelming to say the least.

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Fortunately, Julia won't always have to pretend to be her sister. If the pair makes it past Week 5 they'll both be in the clear, and Julia will get to make her grand entrance to the house as herself. And, I'm willing to be that she's looking forward to that moment almost as much as the Have-Nots are looking forward to eating something other than slop.

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Image: Sonja Flemming/CBS