Will Jared Be The Next 'Bachelor'? This 'Bachelorette' Contestant Deserves A Second Shot At Love

I adore talking about Love Man aka Jared and how he's surprised on The Bachelorette. He's just such a dark horse contestant. He initially voted for Britt, but after coming clean to Kaitlyn about his decision immediately, he's swiftly risen to the top of the pack. He overcame his weird "Love Man" introduction, and, instead, showed us all that he's sweet and charming. In a few words, he's probably the perfect boyfriend... for someone else. While I think he and Kaitlyn are super cute together, I'm still Team Kaitlyn & Shawn. So, that's the bad news. The good news? Jared could totally be the Bachelor next season. (Sorry, Ian, but it's just never going to be you, no matter how much you campaign for yourself.) All I'm saying is that a Jared Bachelor season would really be something special.

We don't actually know too much about Jared other than the fact that he's from Rhode Island, is a restaurant manager, and has a cheesy superhero name. But, if he were to be the Bachelor next season, we'd get to learn so much more, and who doesn't want to get this sweet guy's back story? Here are nine reasons Jared needs to be the Bachelor next season.

1. He's Young

He's only 26, which, IMO, is a bit on the younger side of Kaitlyn, who's 30. I mean, yeah, four years isn't that much, but she might be better suited with someone a bit closer to her in age. And, besides, even if he and Kaitlyn don't make it, he's in his prime years for finding The One and getting married.

2. He Wants A True Partner

Not just someone who's willing to give up her life to be with him, like little ol' Prince Farming.

3. He Looks Fabulous In A Tuxedo

I could look at that all day long.

4. He's Actually Honest

While Kaitlyn has been criticized for her honesty, it's actually made the dating process easier and more authentic. Honesty may hurt in the beginning, but it forges stronger relationships. I actually admire men who are open about what they're feeling and thinking, since I've never actually dated anyone who's had the balls to be like that.

5. Jared Could Be More Interesting Than We Give Him Credit For

Like I said before, we really don't know all that much about Jared. That could all change if he makes it to the hometown dates, but since we don't know if he'll get that far yet, becoming the Bachelor could show us an entirely new side of Jared that we've never seen. That's actually a pretty exciting thought, if you ask me.

6. He's Comfortable On Camera

Surprise! Turns out he's actually done some acting before. While that doesn't necessarily read "There For The Right Reasons," the fact that those days are behind him certainly does.

7. We'd Get To See More Of That Chiseled Face

That jawline could cut glass. Or, at the very least, a sturdy hunk of cheese.

8. He's Kindhearted

Before he joined the merry band of Bachelorette contestants, he was volunteering at a children's hospital. That's husband material right there, y'all.

9. He'd Have Kaitlyn's Seal Of Approval Either Way

I'm sure that if Kaitlyn does send him home it won't be because he'd done anything wrong. It would just be because someone else was better for her. He would be able to go into his season of The Bachelor with her seal of approval, and honestly, if Kaitlyn likes someone, then we all should.

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