Liam Payne Jokes About Starring In The Next 'Jurassic Park' Movie But Here's Why It Could Totally Work

With the way the public reacted to Zayn Malik's departure from One Direction, you'd think that he was the only one in the band who mattered. But that's simply not true — there are four equally talented guys who are still a part of 1D. Instead of sitting around and moping that their friend left the band, all of the remaining members seem to be doing just fine. Actually, they're doing awesome! Case-in-point: over the weekend, Liam Payne took a trip to Disney World and Universal Studios with his girlfriend Sophia Smith. Based on his Instagram photos, he's having a great time.

While there's the expected pictures with Goofy ears and Cinderella's Castle, Payne also posted another very important photo from his vacation: him posing with a giant dinosaur from Jurassic Park. With all the hype surrounding the franchise's latest installment, Jurassic World , Payne decided to have some fun with his caption.

Sharing a picture of himself with a dino, he wrote, "Can't believe Ive [sic] been cast for Jurassic park 5 thanks so universal, can't wait to start filming."

Obviously he's joking, but honestly, I don't think it's a bad idea. Payne has been compared to a young David Beckham (based on his looks), so who's to say he's not a future Chris Pratt? If you're not convinced, hear me out. Here are five reasons Liam Payne should star in the next Jurassic World movie.

1. He's not afraid of dinosaurs

You see that confident pose? It says, "Me? You want to mess with me?" He wouldn't be afraid to face the dinos head on.

2. He can handle a crisis calmly

OK, so "crisis" may be a stretch, but to millions of One Direction fans, Zayn's departure *was* a big deal. Liam didn't let it defeat his spirits, even thanking his former bandmate when they won a Billboard Music Award. Whatever the Jurassic movies threw his way, I'm sure he'd keep his cool too.

3. He has a whole crew to back him up

Zayn or not, there are three perfectly eligible guys who could help him train dinosaurs or handle an attack. Yup, I'm referring to Harry Styles, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson. Together, they can conquer anything.

4. He could sing the dinos a lullaby

With his soothing voice, Liam Payne could sing dinosaurs to sleep. At first, they may be confused when he whips out a microphone, but it's the secret weapon to keeping all of the creatures under control.

5. He doesn't give up

Did you know Liam Payne auditioned for The X-Factor multiple times? The first time, Simon Cowell told him he was too young. But instead of giving up, he tried again—and look where he wound up. Maybe he wouldn't get cast in the Jurassic movie the first time around, but he wouldn't be afraid to audition again and again.

Sure, it's a bit of a stretch, but who's with me? Let's start campaigning for Payne to be the next Chris Pratt ASAP.

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