How To Throw A 'Magic Mike XXL' Birthday Bash

Prepare to experience some serious jealousy, because one lucky Magic Mike XXL fan got the best birthday present imaginable when stars Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello, and Matt Bomer surprised the fan with a rendition of "Happy Birthday." The actors dropped by Hollywood's Arclight Cinemas theater before a screening of their stripper-centric film and the epic event was captured on tape, with Tatum posting a montage of their arrival, audience reaction, and serenade to Instagram. He captioned the post: "Dropped in and sang Happy Birthday to a @magicmikemovie fan! Surprised the #ArcLightHollywood with #MattBomer and @JoeManganiello! #MagicMikeXXL." All three actors remained fully clothed during the appearance (rats!), but it was a magical moment nonetheless. Manganiello also took to Twitter after the surprise event to showcase his wonderfully bromantic camaraderie with Bomer and Tatum. The three costars were seen mad mugging in a photo Manganiello captioned: "Had a blast at our impromptu @ArcLightcinemas #MagicMikeXXL showing tonight. Thanks for all the love! #ThreeAmigos." Aww! I can only imagine how fans — particularly the one with the birthday — must have felt after being treated to the spontaneous performance. I, personally, may have blacked out from excitement, thus missing the entire movie. It would have been well worth it.

With all this talk about XXL, birthdays, and my own Dirty Thirty impending (gah!), I can't help but wonder what an XXL themed birthday party would be like. Obviously, it would be awesome, but what specifically would such an event entail? Hmmm...

A Ton Of Strippers Would Show Up


Everyone Would Need To Keep A Tight Grip On Their Water Bottles

The dancers may relinquish these as part of the performance.

Matt Bomer Would Do This...

At least, this is exactly what would transpire according to my fantasies.


If the dancers hired for the birthday party possessed the same set of skills as Tatum's character in XXL, you would finally have someone to complete that welding project you've been putting off.

The Party Would Include A Delicious, Phallic-Shaped Spread

Get ready to dig out that x-rated cake pan you used before your best friend's bachelorette party, because every piece of food and party favor would likely be laden with double entendre.

Lots Of Pulsing Beats & Flashing Lights

You might also want to invest in a fog machine for the party.


You and your partygoers better plan on stopping at an ATM beforehand, because any type of stripper party requires frequent spurts of making it rain.

Excuse me while I fan myself off and launch headfirst into party planning mode.

Images: Warner Bros; Channing Tatum/Instagram; Giphy (7)