LeBron James' 'Trainwreck' 'Downton Abbey' Obsession Makes Me Think He'd Be Perfect On The Show

LeBron James is already being credited as a scene-stealer in Trainwreck, the first flick from star and writer Amy Schumer. Both Schumer and director Judd Apatow have expressed admiration for James' acting and improv skills, and the Trainwreck trailer showcases some great zingers from the NBA player. One such quip is when James asks Bill Hader's character if they're on to watch Downton Abbey together that night. Hader brushes him off, to which James responds, "Listen, I'm watching it tonight. 'Cause I'm not gonna go to practice, and all the guys are talking about it, and I'm left out."

Spoken like a true fan (as well as a true sufferer of FOMO). Picturing James watching Downton Abbey may seem like a pretty amusing visual image, but you know what would be even better? Seeing the basketball star on the show. He could totally fit in with the ensemble, and even if his Trainwreck character has a deeper obsession than the athlete really has for the series, I still think him signing on for an episode would make perfect sense. Here are a few reasons why I think a role for Lebron James on Downton Abbey would be a totally logical, brilliant move.

1. He's Already Friends With Royalty

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For starters, James is already friendly with the most important members of British society — the royals. He met Will and Kate after winning a Cavaliers game at the Barclays Center in December and presented them with an adorable pint-sized jersey for baby George. James Instagrammed a candid photo of the meeting with the caption "This very moment will be forever remembered and put up in my house. It's all good and smiles on this side. #Royalty #StriveForGreatNess #RWTW #LRMR #Klutch."

2. He's Basically Royal Himself

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James is also royalty in his own right — basketball royalty, that is. The star's nickname is "King James," and his signature Nike logo is a crown sitting atop the letters LJ. A little self-aggrandizing? Maybe, but when you look at James' track record on the court it's pretty hard to argue with the title.

3. He Totally Gets The Fashion

Another very legitimate reason that James would fit in on the show? He already has an affinity for hats. The characters of Downtown Abbey are always sporting some fabulous hats, so LeBron would have a ball trying to one-up the chapeau game of Lady Mary.

...Okay, James' style of fedora isn't an exact match for British sartorial trends at the turn of the century, but it's a start.

4. They're Already Partnered Up

As further evidence that James and Downton are destined to come together, they have already been mentioned next to each other in the title of the same school textbook. Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

5. He's A Seriously Good Actor

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Finally, James has proved with his role in Trainwreck that he has real screen presence. Given his drive to show the world that he has a variety of talents, wouldn't a foray into drama be a logical next step if he decides to continue his on-camera pursuits?

Just think about it. That's all I'm saying.

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