Amy Poehler Deserves An Emmy Nomination & Here's Why It Needs To Happen Now More Than Ever

I don't know about you, but I can't imagine what my life would be like without Amy Poehler. The comedienne, who has made the world a better place with her television presence ever since she debuted on SNL in 2001, has been a fixture on television for years: Eight were spent at SNL and seven on NBC's Parks and Recreation. Although Poehler received Emmy nominations for both shows — in fact, she's received a total of 15 nominations! — Poehler has yet to win an Emmy. Poehler, of course, just ended her seven-year run on Parks and Recreation with a finale that was emotional and fitting for the tone and optimism of the series, and it is about time she brings home the gold. There is no doubt in my mind that Poehler deserves an Emmy nomination this year.

Poehler gave the world an iconic character with her portrayal of Leslie Knope, who is as feminist as she is funny. In an era of television defined by cynicism — we are a generation that gets our news from The Daily Show, after all — Parks and Recreation was a celebration of optimism and teamwork, but kept the jokes going. It was at once positive and hilarious, the clever writing preventing the optimism from making it feel cheesy.

The sitcom's success is in large part thanks to her performance, so here's reasons why it's time to give her an Emmy nomination for her work — and, subsequently, the Emmy itself.

It's A Great Way To Honor The Show

Parks and Rec might not receive a nomination for Outstanding Comedy Series (ULTIMATE SADFACE), but Leslie Knope is a big part of the show — so honoring Poehler's acting with one last Emmy nomination would be a great way to honor the show as well.

She Balanced Comedy And Drama Perfectly

With Season 7's time jump and epic finale, Parks and Rec demanded more acting prowess than usual during its final year. Poehler rooted the show, and made it felt real enough that the time jumps weren't confusing — plus, she perfectly presented that emotional goodbye.

Tina Fey Has One, It's Only Fair

And they're both equally as brilliant!

It Could Encourage Her To Go Back To TV

Now that Parks and Rec is over, Poehler has been working on film projects like Sisters . As much as I love to see her on the big screen, it is not consistent enough! I need to have her in my lives at least once a week. If the Television Academy gives her the award, maybe she'd be encouraged to pursue another TV project?

In summation, Poehler deserves an Emmy nomination and award this year. Someone just, please, make that happen?

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