Amy Schumer Receives Emmy Nomination For Best Actress In A Comedy & These Sketches Probably Convinced Emmy Voters — VIDEOS

Inside Amy Schumer has been hilarious for years, and the Emmys are finally on board. Amy Schumer received several Emmy nominations from the Academy Of Television Arts and Sciences today. Similar to 2014, IAS was nominated for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series; however, even more exciting is that — for the first time — the show was nominated for Outstanding Sketch Variety Series, and Schumer herself got a nod for Outstanding Directing for a Variety Series and Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy! This is almost too much good news!

Inside Amy Schumer has been on fire this season, cranking out one perfect sketch after another. From "Milk, Milk, Lemonade" to "Last Fu**able Day," essentially every episode has offered one or more incendiary sketches that have immediately gone viral. Her Outstanding Directing nod is for the episode titled, "Twelve Angry Men Inside Amy Schumer," the 22-minute parody of 12 Angry Men in which Jeff Goldbum, Paul Giamatti, and others debate whether or not Amy is hot enough to be on cable television. The episode was a shining masterpiece of satire, and it's no surprise that her work on it has been honored.

The Outstanding Lead Actress nomination is the most exciting, not only because it's a new level of mainstream validation for Schumer's rising star, but also because she's up against some pretty heavy hitters. Lily Tomlin, Lisa Kudrow, Edie Falco, Julia Louis Dreyfus, and Amy Poehler are all up for the same award (for Grace and Frankie, The Comeback, Nurse Jackie, Veep, and Parks and Recreation, respectively). Even if she doesn't win, that's one hell of a talented group of women to be apart of, and the fact that Schumer was recognized for her work is still a great victory.

It's no surprise, though: from her Honey Boo Boo impersonation to her Tami Taylor twang, Schumer has brought her A-game this season. Here are some of the best sketches from this season of Inside Amy Schumer that definitely helped win her the nomination.

"Fight Like A Girl"

Her delivery of "I am not my mother!" should be enough to win her every Emmy for the next few years.

"Football Town Nights"

Comedy Central on YouTube

This Friday Night Lights parody shocked and delighted pretty much everyone on the Internet when it was released, and for good reason. As Schumer says in her southern drawl, "You can't bring a wet mule round a hot corn oven"; you can, however, perfect your Tami Taylor impersonation and get an Emmy nomination for it. Ain't it good to be the coach?

"Babies And Bustiers"

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Though Schumer's character isn't exactly Honey Boo Boo, it's obvious where her inspiration comes from. Jennifer Coolidge as Schumer's overbearing, pill-popping pageant mom adds a whole other layer of perfection to this sketch.

"Princess Amy"

Comedy Central on YouTube

If you want an Emmy nomination, cast Tim Gunn. People love Tim Gunn!

"Plain Jane"

Somewhere along the way, Schumer mastered the art of projecting masculine body language. She's plays the tomboy with aplomb, and her timing in this sketch is perfect.

"'80s Ladies"

"Why do you have Richard Gere's credit card?" "He's our boyfriend! And we stole it!"

"Last Fu**able Day"

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If you really want to get nominated for an Outstanding Lead Actress Emmy, then you need to prove that you can kick it with the women who have already won it. It looks like Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Tina Fey, and Patricia Arquette shared some of their Emmy magic with Schumer.