9 Times 'Friends' Chandler Bing Understood Your Summer Excitement... & Your Summer Woes

Sorry, Ross, Rachel, and the rest of the Friends gang: if there's one guy that I would like to sit down and have a cup of coffee with from your clique, it's Chandler. There's a lot of reasons to love Mr. Bing, from his self-deprecating sense of humor to his dad jokes to the fact that his commitment issues somehow don't extend to the love of his life, Monica. Most importantly — and despite all of his quirks (his many quirks... like, what person hates Thanksgiving and keeps a chick and a duck as a pet?) — Chandler is easily one of the most relatable characters on Friends. If you've been marathoning Friends all summer, then chances are you're doing so to kick it with Chandler.

I can't think of any better person to spend the summer with, and maybe that's because Chandler is totally all of us when the hotter months of the year roll around. Yep, Chandler gets your desire for lazy days off from work, sipping fruity drinks on a patio, and air conditioning more than anyone else — in fact, he's the one friend who totally gets all of the joys and woes of summertime.

Here are all of the times where you were totally Chandler Bing when the warmer months came crawling in:

1. When It Finally Hits 80 Degrees And You're Going To The Beach

Surf! Sand! Day drinking! You're so in, it hurts.

2. When You're At A Crowded Beach And You Can't Find Your Friends

Did Rachel have the red umbrella, or was it blue? Do you know anyone in a turquoise bikini? WHY IS EVERYONE WEARING A TURQUOISE BIKINI?!

3. When You're At A BBQ, And There's So. Much. Dessert.

It would be unpatriotic not to have another slice of that red, white and blue sheet cake. And those flag cookies. And eight more hot dogs.

4. When You're On Vacation And Your Friend Says She Has To Answer Some Work Emails

It's called "vacation" for a reason.

5. When Your Teacher Friend Keeps Talking About How Bored She Is

So your friend has all summer off and has to come up with ways to spend all that free time? It's hard to feel sorry for her when you're still pushing 50 hours a week at work.

6. When The Air Conditioner Breaks In Your Apartment And You're Starting To Hallucinate From The Heat

So what if your landlord now thinks you're insane? It's like 100 degrees in your room!

7. When You're Sitting By The Pool And Your Boss Calls

And that's why they invented voicemail.

8. ...And When Your Boss Asks You Why You Didn't Answer Your Cell

You were in a tunnel... for six hours.

9. When Your Friends Ask You To Take A Last Minute Groupon Trip

Bring on the discount vacay! It's the summer, baby.

Any of this sound familiar? Just goes to show: We are all Chandler Bing in the summer.

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