6 Daily Habits That Affect Your Orgasm

As studies have shown again and again, it’s not easy for every woman to orgasm all the time. There are a ton of factors that affect orgasms in women. Surveys have found that only 25 percent of women orgasm all the time, compared to men who manage to climax 90 percent of the time. Simply, women are far more complicated than men when it comes to having an orgasm, and because of that we sort of get shafted.

There are many factors that can contribute to why a woman might not be able to orgasm. Things like stress and antidepressants definitely aren’t doing women any favors in the orgasm department, and then there are also issues like how some women don’t even want to guide their partner in helping them achieve an orgasm because of shame or guilt that they’re having a difficult time getting there. No woman should feel bad just because she can’t have an orgasm easily.

But complicated thoughts aside, there are actually things we do every day that affect whether or not we’ll be able to orgasm. Of course living a healthy lifestyle are definitely ways to help make orgasms more easily attainable, but there are things that most of us do day in and day out that are standing in the way of us having the sexual experience that we all deserve ― and these are things that have probably never crossed your mind.

1. Walking Around Barefoot

According to a study by University of Groningen, when people, women especially, have cold feet, it’s difficult for them to orgasm. The reasons is that the part of the brain that focuses on genital sensation is right next to the part that detects cold feet. Even in this muggy weather, if you have your air conditioner torqued up, cold feet can definitely be a result of it (better than sweaty feet though, huh?). But tossing on a pair of socks can definitely help your next orgasm not be so tricky to have.

2. Riding A Bike

If you ride a bike to work, then awesome! It’s not just a great workout, but you’re not adding to the millions of carbon footprints out there. However, riding a bike can mess with your orgasms.

A study by Texas A&M Health Science Center found that when women ride bikes with handlebars lower than the seat for more than 10 miles a week, they can experience loss of feeling in their vaginal area. There’s just too much pressure being applied to that part of your body and it can cause pelvic floor damage. Instead, it’s best for women to ride a bike where their body is more upright.

3. Eating Too Much Cheese

Although it’s unfair to point a finger at cheese, but being the product of animal’s milk, cheese, along with other animal fats aren’t helping your orgasms. A 2009 study fount that high cholesterol food can make it difficult for blood to flow to the pelvic area during arousal. That lack of blood flow means sensation isn’t what it could be and having an orgasm can be a struggle.

4. Feeling Bad About Yourself

Because being body positive is easier said than done, even in an era where body acceptance is everywhere (as it should be!), if you’re feeling bad about yourself, especially on a regular basis, your orgasms will suffer. Studies have found that when you let your negative thoughts get the best of you, having an orgasm can become a difficult to acheive.

5. Drinking Coffee

What?! SAY IT ISN’T SO. While a 2006 study found that coffee can boost a women’s sex drive, when it comes to actually having an orgasm, too much caffeine can make it difficult to relax. If you can’t relax sufficiently, having an orgasm isn’t easy. So maybe cut back on the coffee to only three a day instead of five?

6. Skipping Out On Adequate Sleep

If there’s a daily habit that we all share, it’s not getting enough sleep. According to the Sleep to Live Institute, the majority of American adults are chronically sleep deprived. When we don’t get enough sleep hormone levels decrease, as do our sex drive and ability to have an orgasm. So, you know, keep hitting that snooze button as many times as you can every morning.

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