Have A Blast This Summer In Harley Quinn Fashion

I was so excited to see the portrayal of Harley Quinn by rising star Margot Robbie (of The Wolf of Wall Street fame) in the new trailer for Suicide Squad and I was not disappointed. The stunning Ms. Robbie looks an absolute psychotic peach in her revamped Harley Quinn fashion, sporting mad cool pieces such as her baseball tee with slogan, "Daddy's Lil' Monster" emblazoned on the front and her "Puddin'" choker. If I had to be a psychopath, I'd definitely pick Ms. Quinn as my go to bad gal idol.

In fact, each member of the entire Suicide Squad gang look epic in their own right, especially one of the other female protagonists (or possibly antagonists) Enchantress played by Cara Delevingne and of course, Jared Leto's Joker. I could not take my eyes off of Margot Robbie's Harley as she performed acrobatic exercises in her prison cell while a haunting soprano sang, "I started a joke, which started the whole world crying..." in a cappella. It's the stuff nightmares are made of — the kind of nightmares that when you wake up, you're relieved, but the curious masochist in you wants to find out what was going to happen next.

Some argue that Robbie's portrayal is "Un-Harley-Quinnish," but I think she looks absolutely incredible and there are always going to be conflicts in opinion on creative decisions. For instance, not everyone will agree upon who their favorite Joker is — although I'm sure Leto's Joker will be just insane.

So to honor her big screen debut, here are some riotous Harley Quinn inspired fashion pieces to keep you going until the movie is released in about a year's time; because I know I can't wait that long!

1. The Harley Quinn Skater Dress

Women Sexy Harley Quinn Reversible Skater Dress, $14, Amazon

Channel the feminine, youthful side of Harley in this pretty red and black skater dress with a diamond pattern.

2. The Suicide Squad Tee

Daddy's Lil Monster Women's T-Shirt, $19, Etsy

Remember that awesome t-shirt I mentioned earlier that Margot Robbie wears in Suicide Squad? Well now you can be a super fan girl and get a replica of Robbie's costume. The cherry on the cake? It's available in sizes S to XL.

3. The Classic Harley Inspired Hood

Harley Quinn Hooded Crop Top, $39, Etsy

If you prefer the style of the traditional costume worn by the original comic book Harley Quinn, then you're sure to love this cute crop top complete with a hood and jester style collar.

4. The Harley Quinn Socks

DC Comics Harley Quinn Knee-High Socks, $7, Hot Topic

You might just fancy a touch of mad style in your wardrobe and if so, these knee–high socks which look like a replica of Harley's boots (and come complete with darling bows on the top to symbolize the tied laces) would look awesome with a pair of black ballet pumps and a pleather skirt.

5. The Harlequin Patterned Cardigan

DC Comics Harleen Harley Quinn Cardigan, $18, Hot Topic

If you find it difficult to find pieces that combine your often clashing loves of super heroes and villains with preppy Gossip Girl style, then call off the hunt — this cardigan is a perfect choice for lovers of comics and preppy fashion alike.

6. The Cute Harley Quinn Skirt

Harley Quinn Skirt, $64, Etsy

PandorasProductions of Etsy create the cutest clothes based on many pop culture faves, from a yellow Pikachu inspired apron to My Little Pony inspired skirts. This adorable flouncy skirt shows off the fun and flirty sides of suicide doll Harley. It's also available in an array of sizes including a plus size or custom size option.

7. The Harley Bikini

DC Comics Harley Quinn Swim Top, $20, DC Comics Harley Quinn Swim Bottoms, $20, Hot Topic

Make a splash at the beach this summer in a black and scarlet, Harley inspired bikini complete with a diamond patterned top and striped bottoms.

8. The Split Leg Skinnies

Hot Topic Women's Royal Bones Split Leg Skinny Jeans, $40, Hot Topic

Unleash your eccentric alter ego in these quirky, split leg skinny jeans. To make your look über kooky, grab one red boot and one black boot and wear them on the opposite colored leg for an entrancing effect.

9. The Harley Quinn Catsuit

Harley Quinn Catsuit, $74, Blackmilk Clothing

If you wish to go all out Harley Quinn and truly channel this villainous vixen, then you ought to get this awesome catsuit. Currently sold out on the U.S. site, I've got my fingers crossed for more in the pipeline as the retailer is currently "sewing more" to be able to purchase for $120 AUD on the Black Milk Australian website.

Get ready to start a riot this summer in Harley Quinn inspired fashion!

Images: Warner Bros. Pictures/YouTube; Courtesy Brands; Giphy