Where You Can Buy Gigi Hadid's Boyfriend Shirt

by Madison Fraser

Often times when models step out in an outfit we'd like to steal, even if it's casual, it ends up consisting of designer clothing that costs $3,000 at least. Fortunately, Gigi Hadid's latest boyfriend shirt can be bought for only $61. Yes, the exact one.

When the supermodel donned an oversized, striped button up last night on the way to the airport people, including the folks at Refinery 29, speculated that it belonged to her boyfriend, Joe Jonas. (They are a very stylish couple, after all.) While it would've been very Katie Holmes of Hadid to rock the borrowed from the boys look, we should probably thank her for finally wearing something that we can actually get our hands on.

This shirt is extremely versatile — it's comfy enough for jeans on a casual day, or can be played up with leather leggings and heels. Needless to say, feminizing a dude's look isn't a new concept, but it can certainly be more prevalent in our everyday attire, as Hadid shows.

Slip-on Vans and a messy pony are all you really need to complete this look. A tight button-up can look too business casual, but the "boyfriend" fit is exactly how it sounds — loose and about two sizes too large (AKA the shirt of your dreams). It doesn't necessarily have to fit your boyfriend (we do all vary in size), but as long as it's baggy on you, you're golden.

You really gotta commit to looking sloppy-chic to really steal Hadid's style, so here are a few affordable options for a striped boyfriend shirt that looks less pajama-worthy and more off-duty model.


Oversized striped boyfriend tee, $61;

Black and white striped button-up, $54;

ASOS Curve striped blouse, $63;

River Island

River Island long line shirt in striped, $68;

Red and black stripped button-up, $56;


Striped oversized long sleeve shirt, $30;

Is there anything that makes you happier than a chic outfit that doesn't restrict your breathing? Lazy girl attire 'fo life.

Images: Instagram/cogi_updates (1); Courtesy Retailers (6)