The Next Amy Schumer Movie Should Follow These 7 Pieces Of 'Trainwreck' Advice

By now, it's pretty much a fact that Trainwreck is the rom-com we all need. Amy Schumer's 2015 summer hit is both charming and hilarious, leaving fans clamoring for her next project. Thankfully, it might not be a long wait, as the Hollywood Reporter claims that the next Amy Schumer movie is a kidnapping comedy for Fox centering around a mother and daughter traveling in Brazil.

Even better, THR says that there are some major stars up for the role of the mother, including Sally Field, Meryl Streep and Frances Conroy of American Horror Story. Yes, please! Any of these amazing actresses would be great choices to play Schumer's fictional mom. And that's not all — the report says that Schumer and her sister/ Inside Amy co-writer Kim Caramele reworked a script that originally came from Katie Dippold (The Heat), meaning that a trio of amazing women are involved with bringing this movie to life (not to mention Paul Feig as producer). There's still a lot of behind-the-scenes details to be worked out, but the studio reportedly wants to start filming by the end of the year.

If these rumors are to be believed, then Schumer is gearing up to start her next project soon, and I personally request that she first look at the qualities that made Trainwreck such a hit among viewers. Lightning doesn't always strike twice, but someone as talented as this comedian should be able to highlight her strengths in more than one project. With that said, here are the best aspects of Trainwreck that Schumer should channel in her next comedy. (And, you know, all the ones after that.)

Avoiding Cliches

Sure Trainwreck is a rom-com, but it took the standard format and spun it on its head thanks to its feminist heroine.

Loads Of Self-Confidence

Schumer's character is unapologetically herself, for better or for worse. And (spoiler alert!) when she does change some of her ways, it's her decision.

Amazing Cameos

From LeBron James to Daniel Radcliffe's meta rom-com role, Schumer kept the surprises coming, and it was the best.

Flawless Casting

Each character was matched with the absolute perfect character. The world never saw spray-tanned Tilda Swinton coming, but there's no denying that she crushed her role as a magazine editor.

The Best Production Team

From Judd Apatow as director to Schumer's sister Kim as an associate producer, the comedian surrounded herself with the best people.

Pop Culture References

Even Anne Hathaway loved the joke Schumer made about her.


Cringe-worthy sex scenes? Dark humor? This movie pushed boundaries and it paid off.

If Schumer follows these pieces of advice, then her next movie should no doubt be just as fantastic as Trainwreck.

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