How Do 'Big Brother' Houseguests Feel About The Twin Twist? Their Opinions Seem To Vary

The jig is up! After four weeks of switching between Liz and Julia every few days, it seems that everyone in the house knows about Big Brother 17's Twin Twist. The secret first came out a few weeks ago and has been used to the advantage of Liz, Julia, and other players in the house who are counting on both twins being able to have a separate vote after week five. Liz and Julia's twinship is the core of the powerful "Sixth Sense" alliance that has been running the house, and could give them the majority in the house if they're able to stick together a few weeks longer.

While some players have confirmed knowledge of the twin twist, others have been left to speculate over the truth behind Liz's subtle changes in personality and habits. These amateur conspiracy theorists (who happen to be absolutely correct) have accepted the truth that Liz and Julia are one in the same, even if they don't have any empirical evidence. Reactions from the houseguests range from indifferent to worried, with plans having arisen to try and have the twins evicted before both are able to enter the game and play independently. Who knows about the Twin Twist, and which houseguests are allowing it to factor into their gameplay?


Vanessa was the first person whom the twins revealed themselves to. Vanessa told Liz (who at the time was actually Julia) about the rumors going around the house, and promised to help Liz (Julia) stay in the game if she told the truth about being a twin. Julia did so, and Vanessa used this as the basis for form the strong "Sixth Sense" alliance, aiming to keep the twins in the game long enough so that they can both play together. Vanessa seems to like them more as gameplay partners than as people, but they still get along.


Austin's feelings towards Liz have been well documented. He has a good friendship with Julia and would probably sacrifice his own game just to keep the twins in the house.


Jackie hadn't been a very present player while her old Amazing Race partner Jeff was in the house. Now that Jeff is out, Jackie has been using the twin drama to work her way into gameplay. Jackie agrees that the twins shouldn't be around long, but would at least like the see both of them in the house so that the viewers can be entertained.

Clay & Shelli

Clay and Shelli, as members of the Sixth Sense alliance, were some of the first to find out about the twin twist. They're happy to use the twist to their advantage, but found themselves in a pickle when some of the other houseguests told them about the twins and they were forced to act surprised. Whether or not Shelli and Clay will stick with the Sixth Sense or join this new anti-twin group is anybody's guess


Audrey, despite having been told about the twins, won't believe it until she is 100% certain that the twins truly are twins. On top of the rest of Audrey's Big Brother drama, the twins are probably the least of her worries anyway.


Ew, ew, ew. It doesn't take long for James to say something creepy whenever it comes to the twins. James has been a regular source for uncomfortable comments aimed at women this whole season, and the fact that Liz has a twin has not deterred that in the slightest.


Steve was an early adopter when it came to the twin theory. The way that Steve is using the information is what sets him apart from the other houseguests. Steve is directly telling Liz and Austin that everyone knows about the twins, but at the same time comforting them as to not panic or upset anyone. Maybe Steve's proven allegiance will strengthen the Freaks & Geeks alliance and help them start running the house.

Johnny Mac

Johnny's teeth expertise helped him discover one of the twins' major tells. One of the twins has a crown on tooth Number Nine, which the other one appears to lack. Using his dental detective skills, Johnny came to the conclusion that there are indeed twins in the house. Despite being comfortable in this knowledge, he doesn't seem to have any drive to keep the twins around or have them evicted.


Meg's biggest concern regarding the twins is that she believes if a second twin enters the house there will not be an opportunity for a houseguest to re-enter the game later in the season, much like Nicole of BB16. There is no evidence of this being the case, but it is a valid point.


Becky has an opposite viewpoint of Meg, saying that she would rather add a twin to the house than risk the possibility of a houseguest getting to return. It's too soon to tell which would be the better option, but every moment Becky and the twins are in the house is another opportunity for a Becky/Twin alliance to form and take over the house, which many fans would certainly enjoy.


Jason was one of the earliest people to suspect that the Liz was swapping out every few days after Da'Vonne explained her initial suspicions to him. He has since been one of the most vocal houseguests when it comes to the topic of the twins. Jason has been talking to all those outside of the Sixth Sense alliance about what the prepare for when both twins come into the house, showcasing his immense knowledge of the game.

Everyone in the house knows about the twins, and every day in the house is one day closer to both being able to play. While we may not get to see all the houseguests be surprised by the sudden appearance of a twin, we can all look forward to the exciting gameplay awaiting the twins' upon their entrance. Of course, things change by the second in this house — so, to keep track of it all, check out Bustle’s very own Big Brother podcast, The Diary Room. Listen to the latest episode below, and be sure to check out future episodes on Bustle’s SoundCloud page and iTunes.

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