Can Audrey Stay On 'Big Brother'? Her Time Might Be Up Soon, But She Can Still Change The Game

It looks like Audrey Middleton's time on Big Brother Season 17 may be up soon. The first ever transgender competitor has not played the smartest game this season, but she's certainly played the most interesting one. Unfortunately, though, Audrey's Big Brother strategy has been erratic and difficult to predict, which means she could go at any time — and though her gameplay (which has led to confusion and mistrust in the house) makes for sublime television, it's not good for her future on the show. Now, it's really worth beginning to wonder if Audrey can last another week on Big Brother.

It has not been easy for Audrey in the house. After trying to start an all-girls alliance in the first week, her double-crossing and lying led to her getting caught in her own web and ended with her game getting blown up by Da'Vonne. Since then, Audrey has voted against the house, isolated herself for hours at a time, and made herself such a massive target that she went all the way around and somehow, suddenly, Audrey was nobody's target. Despite the crazy few weeks Audrey has had off the block, her time may come to an end this week as she sits on the block next to the incredibly likable Johnny Mac. So is there anything Audrey can do to send the rock star dentist home and stay in the house another week? Here's a few things she could do to turn things around.

Get Out Of Bed

Audrey's been spending far too much time in the Big Brother house lying in bed and avoiding the other houseguests, even locking herself in the diary room for hours at a time and wrapping herself in her blankets as to not be noticed. If Audrey wants to stay in the house, she needs to let everyone know that she wants to be in the house.

Remind The Other Houseguests Why She's Still There

As long as Audrey is in the house, there will always be a big target that everyone is going for. Once Audrey is gone, many people are planning on turning their eyes to Austin, Shelli, or other power players in the house. If Audrey wants to stay she needs to let everyone who is next on the chopping block know that as long as Audrey is up there, they won't be. Audrey can use this strategy to buy some time while pawns get sent home.

Align With The Other Outcasts

Audrey has never been on the strong side of the house, and has always been one of the people that no one is trying to talk game with. Instead of trying to break into one of the strong, already established alliances, Audrey should take the opportunity to attach herself to houseguests like Jackie, Becky, and Steve who don't already have a strong alliance. Now instead of one major alliance and some other minor alliance trying to run things, there is a whole new force in the house in which she is the leader.

Be More Appealing To Keep Around Than Johnny Mac

Convincing the house to vote out Johnny Mac is the single most important thing Audrey has to do to stay in the house. It is also the most impossible. Johnny Mac is one of the most likable houseguests ever, which makes him the perfect pawn. It would take a miracle to get people to want him out of the house, for personal or gameplay reasons.

Just Don't Leave

Audrey has made a habit of staying stationary. She's been great at lying in bed, lying on a dentist chair in the have not room, even calling the diary room home for a few hours. The best strategy for Audrey is, when her name is announced as this week's evictee, to throw on some sunglasses and wrap herself in a blanket burrito and just not move.

Will it work? Probably not. Will it be amazing to watch and an honorable way for the most entertaining player this season to leave? Absolutely. Of course, things change by the second in this house — so, to keep track of it all, check out Bustle’s very own Big Brother podcast, The Diary Room. Listen to the latest episode below, and be sure to check out future episodes on Bustle’s SoundCloud page and iTunes.

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