Se Mi's Killer 'My Love From Another Star' Style

I've long had a soft spot in my heart for (both career-wise, and love life-wise), Yoo Se Mi (who's portrayed in My Love From Another Star by the ultra-talented Yoo In Na). Sure, the show's fashion queen is ostensibly Cheon Song Yi. After all, what with her endless parade of runway-ready ensembles, stylish shades, and capes galore, she basically made K-Drama history with her cutting-edge style. Still, no one does Victorian school girl glam quite like Ms. Yoo — who else would have the gumption to wear an oversized crystal brooch with a Peter Pan-collared blouse, paired with a spaghetti-strapped dress? Or a floppy gray wide-brimmed hat with a pale pink fur coat? Plus, to make things even better, her respective makeup games and hat games are kind of off the charts.

So, even though Song Yi often takes center stage with her outlandish ensembles, I'm a huge fan of Se Mi's style as well (don't tell anyone, but sometimes I even like hers more). How better to celebrate her sartorial victories than with a list of her very best ensembles? From muppet-worthy fur coats to Marie Antoinette-worthy jewelry, here's a rundown Se Mi's 14 best fashion moments in My Love From Another Star.

1. This Brocade Blazer

The severe tailoring paired nicely with her playful bright orange lipstick and romantic hairdo.

2. This Royal Blue Fluffmonster Coat

I can't help but think Eva Chen would approve.

3. This Red Coat

Quite the stylish stand off, no?

4. This Sequined Number

I love how she's just hanging out in her massive apartment wearing gold sequins.

5. This Ultra-Ruffled Blouse

Who knew the whole severe Victorian look could be so chic?

6. This Fur-Collared Pink Coat

The most adorably romantic ensemble — too bad Hee Kyung turned her down when she wore it.

7. This Gray Plaid Dress

That bling-y collar necklace looks to die for, especially as paired with this otherwise severe plaid number.

8. This Red Plaid Dress

Statement Necklaces & Plaid Dresses Look Good Together: The Sequel.

9. This Graphic Coat

That is a lot of bright coats going on.

10. This Adorable Jumper

Note to self: Oversized bun + collared jumper + orange lipstick = devastatingly chic.

11. This Stylish Coat

Very Parisian.

12. This Multi-Colored Fluffmonster Coat

Eva Chen approved, part 2.

13. This Buttoned-Up Ensemble

I'm still not over this statement brooch.

And last but not least:

14. This Party Outfit

Who knew that tan leather vests paired so perfectly with tutu-esque blush-colored gowns and neon pink lipstick?

Will you be incorporating her style know-how into your personal wardrobe? I know I'll definitely have my eye out for some oversized jewelry and contrast-collared dresses.

Images: My Love From Another Star/DramaFever (18)