This TikTok Tool Reveals If You Look Better With Long Or Short Hair

Were you destined for a bob?

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With all the Hailey Bieber-inspired bobs floating across your FYP, you’ve probably been tempted to schedule your own chop. Not only that, but it’s fall, baby — the season to start fresh with a new look. Before you take the plunge, though, you might want to try the new TikTok filter that reveals your ideal hair length.

It’s called the 2.25 hair length filter, and it’s taking off on BeautyTok with nearly 20 million views. The tool works by using two red lines to measure the length of the lower half of your face, from your nose to your chin. If the number you get is less than 2.25, you supposedly look good with short hair. Any number higher than 2.25 means you look better with long strands.

Creator @simplyzoe08 is one of thousands who have tried the tool. Under her video, one person commented, “I got almost three and I for real look better with long hair. I shouldn’t have cut it!” while another said, “I got almost four and just cut my hair a few days ago. I can’t stand it.” Judging by these personal anecdotes, the filter might just be onto something.

Here’s what to know about the viral haircut filter, including whether or not experts think it’s truly accurate.

Using The 2.25 Hair Length Filter

To use the 2.25 hair length filter, you’ll need to download the latest update for TikTok. Once you do, tap on the effect and line your face up within the dotted circle. The filter is affected by how far you hold the camera from your face, so make sure you fill the circle properly.

From there, maintain a steady, level camera angle. You’ll see the two red lines and number adjust until it lands on a final result — typically somewhere between two and four, though some users get a bit more or a bit less. (I tried it and got 2.59, and while I’ve happily experimented with almost every hair length, I’m currently loving my extra-long locks.)

Is The Filter Even Accurate?

TikTok filters can sometimes be harsh, and this one is no different. It can dash the dreams of long-haired girlies who want to go short and short-haired folks who have been coating their scalps with rosemary oil in an attempt to grow out their hair.

According to Anna Peterson, a cosmetologist and creator of Salon Route, the number 2.25 refers to a classic hairstyling technique wherein the distance between the ear and chin is measured to determine whether short or long hair would be ideal — so it is something that experts sometimes use.

Thankfully, though, this filter might not be the most accurate tool in the world. (And really, no surprises there.) Case in point? Creator @simplyzoe08 is rocking short hair, despite getting a result of 2.68. And @cann.e_ responded to the filter with a collection of amazing bobs, despite getting a 2.77.


Although the filter offers a fun perspective, Peterson says haircut suitability goes way beyond your face shape. It also takes into account your personal style and lifestyle. Plus, a good stylist will be able to make a haircut work for you no matter what.

“This filter might provide a generalized suggestion but shouldn’t be the sole determinant,” she tells Bustle. “It’s a guideline, not an absolute.” Whether you want to get a pixie, a Hailey Bieber bob, or wear your hair as long as Kim K, you should just do you.


Anna Peterson, cosmetologist, creator of Salon Route

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