Christian Siriano’s Olay Collection Proves That Self-Care Is High-Fashion

The fashion designer chats with Bustle.

The Olay Super Serum inspired Christian Siriano's new self-care collection.

After winning Project Runway’s fourth season in 2007, Christian Siriano quickly became a household name and cemented his status as one of the most notable American fashion designers, creating custom pieces for the star-studded annual Met Gala and dressing A-list celebrities for the prestigious Academy Awards.

As of Nov. 14, however, Siriano is stepping into the world of beauty with an unexpected Olay collaboration.

In honor of being named Olay’s Chief Drop Officer, the designer has created a collection inspired by the skin care brand’s viral Super Serum, which has become a TikTok staple, amassing nearly one billion views on the #OLAYSuperSerum hashtag.

The self-care staples — a plush robe, a travel-friendly bag for toiletries, and cloud-like slides — will be exclusively available at

Below, Siriano speaks with Bustle about the process of creating his new collection, as well as his own journey into the world of self-care.

What inspired the collection?

“The design really started with looking at what I’d want to use while applying my skin care, and something I’d want to gift to my friends and family.”

Courtesy of OLAY

“With the bathrobe, I started with wanting to come from a place of comfort, but still wanting to give it that fashion spin. I tapped into my version of logomania, which to me is a way to bring a bold designer statement into your home.

“For what we’re calling the Dropp Kit, I wanted to design something that could work as well in a bathroom as it could out in the real world — so I decided to design a dopp kit as though it was a purse, with a handy little pocket. The slides were designed to accentuate the comfort of a self-care routine.

“I’m also a true believer in elevating the basic items in your home for a more luxurious experience.”

How did the Olay Super Serum inspire the look and feel of your collection?

“The collection is inspired by Olay’s Super Serum – which is all about hydration and smoothing the skin — so I wanted the collection items to feel plush and supple.

“I also found the purple iridescent look and feel of the serum to be ethereal and romantic, so I pulled that into the overall design as well.”

When working on new projects, what keeps you inspired?

“When I was thinking about the Olay collection, I thought about what I wanted to be wearing when applying skin care. But I’ve also been inspired by furniture window-shopping, art shows, or the person I’m designing for. It’s why I love what I do — I find inspiration everywhere.”

What does your personal self-care routine look like these days?

“When I want to really unwind and take a step back, I usually go back to my house in Connecticut for a few days to relax. I also love to shop for furniture and do things as far removed from fashion as I can — especially post-fashion week.

Courtesy of OLAY

“As for my skin care, I don’t use much and keep things very simple. I’ve used Olay’s Micro-Sculpting Cream for years and added into Super Serum into my routine more recently. Using both has made my skin look so much healthier.”