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Kim Kardashian: “I’m In My ‘Team Me’ Era”

The SKKN BY KIM founder shares exclusive details about her latest launch, travel skin care secrets, and more.

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Kim Kardashian is, as always, booked and busy. Her days are jam-packed with her projects as a serial entrepreneur, reality star, law student, and now, actor, but that hasn’t stopped her from being a “total perfectionist” (her words) in everything she does — especially when it comes to SKIMS and SKKN BY KIM.

Interestingly enough, Kardashian’s taken two decidedly different approaches to turning her fashion and beauty brands into the successes they are today. For her iconic shapewear line, the star has opted for a “more is more” strategy, and is constantly churning out collections with the industry’s buzziest stars at the forefront (like Sabrina Carpenter, Nicola Coughlan, Lana Del Rey, and most recently Team USA, to name a few). By comparison, her beauty brand is far more minimalistic, and instead focuses on ultra-curated, infrequent drops — which is why it’s extra exciting any time something new hits the market.

After months of waiting for the next iteration of Kim-approved glam essentials, SKKN by KIM fans can *finally* get their hands on a coveted collection of 10 neutral-hued glosses ($25) and three silky powdered blushes ($35).

Here, the multi-hyphenate superstar catches up with Bustle to share her favorite shades from the new collection (and how they came to be), what she’s currently working on, and more.

What shade of lip gloss and highlighter are you wearing the most right now and why?

For my lip, I’ve been using my Lip Gloss in 03, which is a gorgeous, neutral pink nude. For Highlighter, I’ve been using a combination of the Rose Glow — a pale pink champagne — and the Honey Glow — a soft golden pearl — to create a really luminous, radiant look.


What do you think makes the SKKN by Kim lip gloss and highlighter unique to what’s on the market right now?

Both the Lip Glosses and Highlighters work to bring out skin’s natural radiance, and were formulated with ingredients that work to hydrate and comfort skin while adding luminosity and glow.

Our highlighter is a hybrid gel-powder formula — it combines the smooth application of a liquid with the feather-light feel of a powder for a radiant finish that effortlessly defines features. Our gloss is cushiony, lightweight, and never sticky. It is packed with natural oils to leave lips feeling smoother, softer, and has a sheer, buildable formula.

What was the testing process like for the new lip gloss and highlighters?

I’m such a perfectionist, so the testing process was definitely extensive — I tried sample after sample to make sure all the little details were just right with both products.


My favorite thing during the testing process is when I’d go out wearing the products and people would ask me what it was — it makes me feel so happy to know I’m on the right track, and would sometimes help me make choices between the samples.

What is your beauty tip for keeping your skin glowing as you travel?

I love to use a face mask when I’m traveling, either on the plane or at the hotel. It’s part of my prep when I feel like my skin is looking a bit dull so that I have that fresh, “I just received a facial” look wherever I go. I love my Resurfacing Mask for this — it’s a gentle exfoliator that harnesses the power of fermented pumpkin enzyme and glycolic and lactic acids to help enhance skin texture and complexion.

What era of life are you currently in?

I’m in my “team me” era. Now that I’m in my forties, I’ve realized it’s OK to choose to do what makes you happy, like eating well, working out, and having more fun with family.

What would be your dream acting role on screen?

I had such an amazing experience with Ryan Murphy on American Horror Story, and I’m so excited to continue working with him on an upcoming legal drama series. I’ll get to play a high-powered divorce attorney, and since I’m in law school, it feels so right to play this kind of character since I have this legal point of view. I love that I get to be a lawyer in real life and play one on TV.

What’s the most recent book you’ve read recently and loved?

I’ve been reading a lot of scripts lately.

What’s your “soul city” where you feel most at peace with yourself?

Honestly, my house is the place where I feel most zen — it’s my sanctuary, and it gives me a calming place to come home that allows me to decompress and recharge. I keep it clean and uncluttered, which creates a sense of peace that lets me be truly present.