“Peach Girl Makeup” Is The Food-Inspired Beauty Trend Of Summer 2024

“Strawberry girl” is so last year.

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Last summer, the girlies were all obsessed with red-tinted “strawberry girl” glam looks (thanks, in large part, to tastemakers like Hailey Bieber). Soon after, the warm, terracotta hues of “cinnamon spice girl” makeup took over for the crisp fall months.

And now, as we kick off summer 2024, there’s a brand new food-inspired aesthetic that’s suddenly on the rise — and stars like Sabrina Carpenter and Kylie Jenner are already obsessed.

“Peach Girl” Glam Is So Summer ’24

If the A-listers on your FYPs are to be believed, “Peach girl” makeup is about to be everywhere. The buzzy color palette is perfect for nailing a glowing, sun-kissed look, which makes it the perfect pick for the beachy days ahead.

As you may have guessed, “peach girl” glam refers to any sort of makeup that features pops of peach tones. Apply it to your cheekbones, lips, eyes, and even your forehead for a effortlessly contoured, cohesive, monochromatic finish.

In recent months, countless celebs have rocked a peachy beat — including none other than Sabrina Carpenter while out celebrating her birthday. What’s more, Kylie Jenner has recently shared with Bustle that she’s all about peachy gloss for summer, and even detailed the lip combo she currently can’t get enough of for her own “peach girl” glam.

ICYMI, peach blush has been having its main character moment, so it makes sense that the girlies have started to experiment with the shade elsewhere on their faces. And this summer, peach-loving babes are amping things up with an overdose of peachy products that create a warm, blushed tan.

“My favorite thing about peach blush is the golden-hour effect it creates on the skin,” Patrick Ta — a celeb-loved makeup artist and the founder of Patrick Ta Beauty — has previously told Bustle. “A golden-peach blush pops in a way that compliments a variety of different makeup looks, whether you’re going full glam or looking to achieve a more natural look.”

So whether you’re heading to a boozy brunch, a pool party, or an elegant wedding, “peach girl” makeup is an effortless pick that will always look stunning.

The Beauty Of Peachy Tones

According to Ta, peach tones look gorgeous on any complexion, and can be worn whenever and wherever you want.

“One of the best things about a peach blush is its ability to compliment every skin tone,” says Ta. “It gives you a fun pop of color in a way that appears sun-kissed on skin.”

So if you’re not sure which shade of cool or warm-toned pink might suit you the best — opting for a shade of orange-tinted peach is always a safe bet.