22 Spicy Perfumes For Fall 2023 That Smell Cozy & Comforting

From cool indie picks to cult-fave fragrances.

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Here are the best spicy perfumes for fall 2023 from Billie Eilish, Burberry, Tom Ford, & more fragra...
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When it comes to perfumes that define the cozy fall season, warm ambers, nostalgic vanillas, and coffee-inspired aromas are some obvious (and seriously yummy) go-to notes to look for. Though considering autumn marks the start of pumpkin spice latte season and an innate desire to binge-watch iconic horror series — the coming months are truly an ideal time embrace spicier, more intense aromas. In other words? Perfumes that feature notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, black pepper, saffron, clove, cardamom, and the like are a major green flag.

Just as spicy notes can vary, so, too, can spiced perfumes and colognes — and although they’re typically associated with the cooler months, in reality they can match just about any season depending on your personal taste and overall vibe.

In the mood for something juicy? Coach Love features notes of strawberries and mandarin. Looking for a mature vanilla scent that isn’t super sweet? Burberry Goddess spikes its formula with ginger for a bit of added heat.

If you’re craving a little spice in your life this fall (or any season at all, really), these 22 perfumes — from cool indie finds to more well known, cult-fave fragrances — feature uniquely spicy notes.


A fresh new perfume from Burberry that is a confection of different qualities of vanilla, Burberry Goddess has a dreamy spice to the aroma by way of lavender and ginger.


Created to emulate the warm and fuzzy feeling of sipping an ice-cold rum and coke, Golden Rum & Amber is a cocktail-inspired scent comprised of rum, clove, cedarwood, and vanilla.


With an herbaceous, almost spiritual quality, Davana Cèdre supports davana and cedar notes with pink pepper, cassis, and musk.


Luxuriously complex, Cherry Smoke is defined by the aromas of dark cherries, osmanthus, leather, and saffron.


A TikTok-viral fragrance (that has a NSFW nickname), Chai Épicé features yummy notes of vanilla, caramel, marshmallow, chocolate, honeyed violet fig, and more.


A rich expression of crisp apple blossom and dewy poppy flowers, Eilish No. 2 is backed by black pepper and a woody palo santo signature.


Vibrant and fruity, Coach Love is defined by notes of wild strawberry, juicy mandarin, and red roses in full bloom. Cedarwood and pink pepper leaves add some warmth and complexity.


Inspired by the seedy speakeasies of the Prohibition Era, Speakeasy is brimming with notes of smokey incense, heated saffron, resinous licorice, and a blend of patchouli, vanilla, and dark chocolate at the perfume’s signature.


For a lighter take on a spicy fragrance, opt for Jungle Santal. It’s a heavenly combination of papyrus wood, Indian cardamom, and black oolong tea.


Filled with juicy vibrancy by way of burning cherries and rich raspberries, Lovefest Bruning Cherry | 48 is both woody and warm. Balsam gives off spicy vibes, while patchouli and palo santo lend a smokiness that’s earthy and eau so sensual.


Herbaceous upon first spritz, Essence Of Dreams Cosmic Wood’s notes morph into a dewy jasmine, buttery sage, windswept vetiver, and subtly spiced cardamom, and soften to a dreamy whisper throughout the day.


Opening with bright, subtle pink peppercorn, Sheep’s Clothing quickly unfolds into an intoxicating scent. With warm notes of rose petals, smooth amber, and creamy musk, the perfume is perfect for anyone who prefers a light, airy aroma.


Inspired by hypnotic, magical potions (and adorned with an amethyst-inspired cap), Good Fortune is an enchanting aroma envelops you with notes of softly spiced fennel, bewitching jasmine, and dreamy vanilla bourbon.


An unconventional take on a traditional aroma, Young Rose features romantic rose notes, made all the more intense with hints of Sichuan pepper, ambrette seeds, and buttery, sweet orris.


Alluring and brimming with brightness, this indie Korean-owned brand taps zesty lime and juicy mandarin for an opening that sparkles, while violet petals and iris are juxtaposed against sweetly spiced nutmeg and warm amber for an unforgettable aroma in FIRE / 리.


Ultra flirtatious and floral, Not Your Baby is a true love letter to those sultry, memory-making evenings. Bergamot adds brightness, cardamom lends a sensual spice, and milky vanilla swirls with warm Tonka bean for a signature scent that leaves those close enough to smell you wanting more.


Featuring a mix of floral petals and earthy spices, 03 “Blonde” is a statement-making unisex scent is daring and magnetic as notes of black violet, bittersweet saffron, and juniper berries swirl around your senses.


Santal 33 is subtly sweet thanks to cardamom, and includes notes of warm violet petals, leathery musks, and smooth sandalwood.


By The Fireplace lives up to its name, as notes of bright orange flower, spiced clove oil, nostalgic chestnut, and a luxe vanilla create comforting warmth and depth.


Juliet In White’s romantic complexity unfolds over time, revealing sun-kissed ambrette seeds and creamy sandalwood after the initial aromas of white tea, pepper, and tangerine begin to fade.


Vanilla lends a sweet creaminess to Burning Bridges, and is long-lasting thanks to notes of fresh spices, smoky tobacco, freesia, and woody oakmoss.


Overture Woman is bold and mysterious, with saffron and cinnamon spices made all the more earthy and intense with notes of crisp apple, fresh rose petals, burning incense, and woodsy leather.

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