24 Jasmine Perfumes For Summer 2023 That Give "Quiet Luxury" Vibes

It’s giving regal and rich.

Here are the best jasmine perfumes from Dior, Tom Ford, & more fragrance brands.
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In the magical world of perfumery, jasmine is one of those precious flowers that are intensely multi-faceted, able to effortlessly add luxurious depth to any fragrance creation. In many scents on the market, it takes on a sweet, tropical vibe — that, of course, is beautiful for summertime and coastal getaways alike — though in other perfumes, it can also read as warm and animalistic, fruity and carefree, regal and powdery, sheer and skin-like, and beyond.

Exotic and almost otherworldly at times, the jasmine flower has been used for centuries as fragrant adornments in one’s hair (most often for royalty, or those more well off), later becoming a perfume powerhouse that is present in many feminine fragrances of today. As for where it grows? Well, it thrives in warm, tropical destinations, radiating the most serene, sensual aroma beneath the sun’s rays. And with with countless species, it currently grows naturally in places like Morocco, India, China, along the Mediterranean, and even in places like Hawaii.

No matter your fragrance preference, jasmine is likely found in some of your current fave scents. Though if you’re in need of some newness, here are 24 completely unique (and equally lovely) jasmine-filled perfumes to completely elevate your scented wardrobe.


A luxurious bottle for the serious fragrance lover, Jasmin Des Anges is inspired by fields of white jasmine flowers in Grasse, France, with a rich jasmine note made a bit fruity with the aroma of honeyed apricot.


Recently revealed as one of Gigi Hadid’s favorite fragrances, My Burberry Black is filled with a warmth by way of sun-drenched jasmine, candied rose, and heated amber (that, TBH, works for summer *and* year round).


Housed in a gorgeous seashell compact, Jasmine Balm Botanical Perfume is a moisturizing fragrance balm that melts into skin as the aroma of fresh jasmine petals caress you.


A truly classic expression of the world’s most beloved florals, Flora Gorgeous Jasmine is brimming with the breathtaking notes of sumptuous jasmine, freshly-squeezed mandarin, and a sensual sandalwood note.


Sol de Janeiro’s cult-loved signature scent is having its moment on TikTok and beyond — and Cheirosa ’40 Bom Dia is admittedly just as yummy, as the aromas of black amber plum, vanilla woods, and dreamy jasmine unfold around you.


Long ago, Marilyn Monroe famously admitted she wore Chanel N°5 (and only Chanel N°5) to bed. Years later, the iconic brand launched N°5 L'eau — a modernized, sheerer version of the classic. As for notes? Timeless rose, elegant jasmine, and sunny ylang-ylang are met with cedar and cloud-like musk for a scent that’s all things youthful and airy.


A bit more of a powdery floral, Jasmine Neroli is a lovely bouquet comprised of ylang ylang, orange blossom, and of course, jasmine petals.


Radiantly joy-filled, Jasmin Bonheur takes white jasmine flowers, and somehow, paints its petals with wild color by way of fresh oranges and apricots, earthy purple iris, and plush pink roses.


Sophisticated yet still with an air of fresh youthfulness, Idôle is a staple perfume for any fragrance wardrobe, as notes of bergamot, pear, pink peppercorn, rose, jasmine, vanilla, and a hint of patchouli swirl around you.


Luminous and a touch beachy, Amazing Grace Jasmine features notes of jasmine, rose, and muguet petals, all swimming in a sea of cool coconut water.


Long-lasting and statement-making, Alien Goddess Intense is filled with empowering aromas, like exotic bergamot, intoxicating vanilla bourbon, and otherworldly jasmine to name a few.


A floral fragrance that is anything but basic (or traditional), Jasmin 17 takes the classic jasmine note to new heights, pairing the white flower with the scents of bitter orange, bright neroli, warm sandalwood, and decadent vanilla.


A unique combination of notes that feels summery, fresh, vibrant, 202 Watermelon, Red Currant and Jasmine is a scent entirely its own.


A floral fragrance that’s made all the more lively with citrusy blood orange and bergamot, Jasmine Julep instantly elevates your spirit.


A luxurious aroma designed to be layered with other scents, Atelier des Fleurs Jasminum Sambac is a velvety smooth, dewy expression of the beloved flower.


An exotic aroma that is defined by its depth, Jasmine Oud Absolute marries the softness of florals — like jasmine — with the strength of dark woods.


A true floral fragrance that feels earthy and a bit wild by natura, Flora Carnivora brims with the scents of jasmine, tuberose, orange flower, and vetiver.


Just as sunny as it is seductive, Cleopatra is brimming with romantic notes of juicy grapefruit, Egyptian jasmine, and a heated vanilla musk.


For a more sensual scented experience, massaging Do Son onto your pulse points allows the aromas of jasmine, tuberose, orange blossom, and a unique ocean-inspired accord to invigorate your senses.


A true femme fatale in fragrance form, Jasmin Rouge explodes with the tempting aromas of heated amber, revitalizing clary sage, and rich jasmine flowers.


Filled with notes of juicy raspberry, dreamy jasmine milk, sugar musk, and more, Daisy Love Eau So Sweet is as it sounds: sweet, fresh, and simply irresistible.


A sheer, dewy floral fragrance that screams “quiet luxury,” J'adore Parfum d'Eau has notes of rose, honeysuckle, jasmine, magnolia, and a touch neroli.


Inspired by hypnotic, magical potions (and adorned with an amethyst-inspired cap), Good Fortune enchants you with notes of softly spiced fennel, bewitching jasmine, and dreamy vanilla bourbon.


Beyond Romance is all things sweet and seductive, with notes of decadent raspberry, lush jasmine, and daring black vanilla.