Phlur, Tom Ford, & 20 More Pretty Rose Perfumes To Spritz This Summer

In full bloom.

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Here are the best rose perfumes & rose perfume oils for 2023 and beyond.
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When it comes to the dreamy world of perfume, roses are perhaps one of the first fragrance notes that come to mind. And throughout history (and in unique parts of the world, too), the classic scent of roses, and even luxurious distilled rosewater, was beloved by the likes of Cleopatra, Marie Antoinette, and even the late Marilyn Monroe, albeit a number of years later.

A truly precious ingredient in perfumery that needs thousands of petals to produce only a few drops of essential oil, the scent of a rose has a way of transforming depending on the other notes that surround and support it. A scent that is essentially a full bouquet of florals, like rose with jasmine, gardenia, and lily of the valley, may express itself in a way that feels powdery or somewhat old-fashioned to a modern nose. On the other hand, vibrantly exotic bergamot or sensually smoky palo santo may create a more daringly youthful aroma that has an edgy, genderless grit.

Craving a bit of those elegant, regal, and sensual vibes à la some of the most beloved queens (royal and otherwise)? Below, find 22 rose-filled perfumes and decadent fragrance oils that will fill your routine with a whole lot of luxury.


A limited edition launch, Harvest Rosa Rossa is a love story to roses as its filled with organic rosewater from France and Turkish rose essence, while juicy plum, citrusy mandarin, and playful lychee add vibrancy.


Le Labo is no doubt one of those “cool girl,” quietly luxurious brands — and Rose 31 is sensual femininity personified as spices, woods, and of course voluptuous rose swirl around you.


Inspired by a mischievous night in Paris, Midníght Ruze is where vivid pink pepper, spiced cardamom, earthy geranium, and romantic rose meet.


A floral fragrance that has warmth and depth, Rose Amber is made up of heated bergamot, spiced cinnamon, soft rose, and rich amber.


Sun-kissed and dreamy, Idôle Aura is brimming with the essence of romantic rose, elegant jasmine, and a unique salted vanilla accord.


Give your skin a dewy glow with Lumière Rose Body Glow Oil, as notes of luxe rose and sunny ylang ylang uplift you.


A true skin musk scent, Sheep’s Clothing is defined by delicate rose, vivid pink peppercorn, and warm woods.


A limited edition launch, Améline features a prominent rose note drenched in the citrusy juice of Italian bergamot and the smoothness of sandalwood.


An overdose of the classic rose note, Rose Prick is a decadent confection made of Bulgarian rose, rose de mai, and Indonesian patchouli.


A scent that feels classic and clean, My Burberry Blush is defined by notes of juicy pomegranate, soft rose, and earthy jasmine, mimicking the sensation of London’s morning light on bare skin.


Inspired by a sensual date at golden hour in Provence, France — notes of dreamy rose petal, black currant liquor, and earthy patchouli whisk you away with a few spritzes of On A Date.


A youthful take on classic Chanel scents that are historically beloved by Marilyn Monroe, Chance Eau Tendre features notes of juicy grapefruit, wild rose, and dreamy white musk.


Rose Load smells as it sounds: A whole lot of rose, made all the more unique with the aromas of rhubarb, cardamom, papyrus, and sandalwood.


A fragrance found within a handful of the OUAI’s Parisian-chic hair care collection, Melrose Place has notes of sparkling champagne, exotic bergamot, and roses in full bloom.


Warm and dazzling, RROSE is filled with the scent of rose cloudy musk, vibrant peony, sparkling lemon, and rose petals.


A fragrance filled with sweet florals and spiced woods, Juliet In White is defined by notes of sheer white tea, lively bergamot, elegant jasmine, nostalgic rose, and warm sandalwood.


Sunny and bright, Rose Tangerine is a fruity expression of the classic rose note, as decadent blackcurrant and juicy tangerine dance on your skin.


The epitome of elegance and luxury, Rose De Grasse is filled with the timeless aromas of hand-picked rose centifolia from France, Bulgarian rose, and powerful rose absolute.


Santal Bloom drenches your skin with hydrating squalane as the lush aromas of rose, jasmine petals, and creamy sandalwood calm your senses.


Akin to romantic days spent on the coastal gardens of Europe, Cuir Rose is where petal-soft roses in full bloom collide with the juice of Italian tangerines.


Inspired by historical royals (along with American royalty, like Jackie O. and Marilyn Monroe), The Duchess smells of dreamy rose, lush magnolia flowers, sunny ylang ylang, and sensual Tonka bean.


Mod Blush is soft and dream-inducing, as notes of dewy rose, carefree magnolia, and a hint of crisp pear surround your senses.

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