For this edition of Bustle's Most Wanted, we asked our Rule Breakers to share the items that help them break the rules, or are boundary-bending on their own.

Leuchtturm Journal

"I really have been loving the Leuchtturm. It's a specific brand of notebook that a lot of journalers swear by, but what I like about it is that it's set up to be easy to journal. There's an index at the front, all the pages come numbered, so that you can view whatever you want on whatever page you want and always find what you need later. So, you could break the rules of a journal. It doesn't have to be chronological, you don't have to write each day as it happens. You can add in collages just because you feel like it or lists or whatever you want. You can paste in a picture of whatever celebrity you're really excited about at the moment. Doesn't matter. You can always find what you want later because it's all numbered and because it's set up in a way that the pages will let you break the rules, I guess, of journaling."

Kayla Whaley

Leuchtturm1917 Medium Size Hardcover A5 Notebook, $19.95

BuzzFeed's 'AM to DM'

"I am obsessed with it. I think it is so valuable and so important. It breaks all the rules of what what a news show should be. It offers hard-hitting journalism, and interviews with members of Congress, some brilliant writers, the White House Press Corps. It's very queer, there are many people of color on the show. It's just defiantly human, and it doesn't act like politics exist in a vacuum. These are real people whose lives are changed by this. The show is hilarious, and fun. It really gets the morning started right. This isn't my only news source, but it gets me revved up to call my reps, to try to make a difference, to be informed, to go have fun, and I would recommend it to everyone...And the hosts are wonderful. They're best friends, and they have such a powerful warmth to them as they address these stories, and the way they're affecting real humans in our world."

Tess Wilson

The Stockroom Leather Bust Harness

"Honestly anything Zoë Ligon sells on her online sex shop, Spectrum Boutique. She's my favorite rule breaker at the moment, from everything she puts out from her 'Sex Stuff' videos to her latest Salty World interview. It's all about your personal preference when it comes to sex toys and accessories, but I can say my favorites that her shop carries are A) the Stockroom leather bust harness. It's my favorite functional and fashionable bondage gear I've ever worn, and B) the Tantus Perfect Plug. Tantus makes the best eco-friendly, high-grade silicone products ever!"

Celina Kimelman

Bust Harness - In Leather or PVC, $95