Adam & Jackie Sandler’s Next Movie Is A Family Affair — But Far From Their First Time

The couple and their daughters, Sadie and Sunny, are set to star in a Netflix film.

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For the past few decades, Adam Sandler has been one of the biggest names in comedy. With over 80 credits to his name including The Wedding Singer, Happy Gilmore, 50 First Dates and Uncut Gems, Sandler has kept very busy throughout his career.

But off screen, Sandler’s life seems to be surprisingly ordinary. When he’s not on set or strutting the red carpet, the actor spends most of his time at home with his two daughters and his wife of almost 20 years, Jackie Sandler.

Since crossing paths on the set of Big Daddy, the pair quickly hit it off and — by the sounds of things — they’ve been thriving ever since. They continued acting together in multiple projects, tied the knot in 2003 and had two daughters. Over the years, they have continued to support each other as both actors and partners alike. In fact, their latest project, which was announced in July 2022, is a family affair. Adam and Jackie, along with their daughters Sadie and Sunny, will be working together on the Netflix adaptation of You Are SO Not Invited To My Bat Mitzvah!

Ready to learn a little more about this Hollywood dream team? Here is a complete timeline of Adam and Jackie Sandler’s relationship.

July 1999: Meeting On Set Of Big Daddy

Adam has acted alongside plenty of people his long career, but one chance encounter on set ended up changing his life. In the 1999 comedy Big Daddy, Adam shared a brief scene with Jackie (née Titone).

Her role was only a couple of lines — she played a waitress who chatted with his son at a bar. However, for Adam and Jackie it was practically love at first sight. “22 years ago today, we locked eyes and fell deep,” Adam later reflected on Instagram.

According to reports, the pair became an official couple soon after.

2000: Jackie Converts To Judaism

Just one year after meeting Adam, Jackie converted to Judaism, a clear sign that things were becoming very serious for the couple.

As Adam once told Howard Stern, his Jewish faith is extremely important to him. “I'm proud of being a Jew and that's what I am, I get that from my father and mother,” he said. After all, we all remember that “Hannukah Song.”

2000: The Pair Continues Collaborating

After falling for each other on set, Adam and Jackie continued to work together every chance they got. In 2000, Jackie appeared in Adam’s movie Little Nicky as an angel who appeared in the background of one scene.

Since then, Jackie has had cameos in numerous movies alongside Adam, including 50 First Dates, The Benchwarmers, Grown Ups, Just Go With It, Hotel Transylvania, Pixels and Murder Mystery. Luckily, this means that Jackie can often travel with Adam during his film shoots!

June 2002: A Nervous Proposal

In June 2002, Adam and Jackie announced that they were engaged. As he told ABC shortly at the time, the proposal itself was pretty nerve-wracking.

“I played basketball that afternoon, trying to calm down, and then I was driving, I was saying stuff out loud and trying to, you know, make sure I hit all of the right things so she would remember nice stuff, and I did all right,” he recalled. “She called her grandmother right after, and her mother, and they all said, yeah, I heard the applause over the phone and stuff.”

After he did the deed, Adam could finally relax. “I'm 35 years old,” he said. “But I did it. It feels pretty good.”

The proposal also naturally marked a turning point in the nature of their relationship. As Adam joked, “I mean, now, now I get a little more, you know, I can bring it up in a fight. ‘Hey, I got you that ring. Leave me alone,’ that kind of thing.”

June 2003: A Wedding In Malibu

Jackie and Adam Sandler at their weddingNick Goossen/AdamSandler.com/WireImage/Getty Images

A year later, the couple tied the knot in a traditional Jewish wedding in Malibu. As Entertainment Weekly reported, the couple had a private outdoor ceremony and invited a few famous faces, including Jack Nicholson and Rob Schneider.

Of course, no Adam Sandler wedding would be complete without a little humor. As CBS reported, Adam’s bulldog, Meatball, was the actor’s best man — he even wore a mini tuxedo and yarmulke for the occasion!

May 2006: Their First Daughter

Adam and Jackie’s first child, Sadie, was born in May 2006. "Kid is healthy! Wife is healthy!!" Adam posted on his website at the time, according to Digital Spy.

For the two parents, it was love at first sight. As Adam later told Access Hollywood, “You know what was funny? When my kid was born, I was so nervous, I didn’t know what I felt.”

He went on, “Five minutes later, maybe 10 minutes later, it was me and the kid and a nurse. We walked down alone to just check the vital signs and all that stuff, and I had a chemical reaction in my body, where I loved the kid so much, and I was so nervous for her, and that’s when I lost my mind for the kid.”

And when it came to Jackie, Adam tried to split the parenting duties as much as possible. “I get up with the wife while she’s doing the stuff,” Adam said. “Try to help her. If she asks me to go get that ointment, I run out and get it, but that’s about it man.”

November 2008: A Second Daughter

Two years after the birth of their first child, Adam and Jackie welcomed their second daughter, Sunny Madeline. “Everyone is happy and healthy,” Adam shared on his website, according to People.

Adam, Jackie, Sunny and Sadie SandlerBruce Glikas/FilmMagic/Getty Images

With two children, the couple had to face some major life adjustments. “Last night, my wife and I were falling asleep at 8 and we said, 'No, we're not giving into this sleep. Maybe we should go see a movie after the kids fall asleep,’” Adam told HuffPost in 2014. “Well, the kids weren't falling. I'm in one room saying, 'Twenty more minutes until they fall asleep.’ The next thing I know, I walk out of that room and my wife and my other daughter are curled up sleeping. I'm up half the night with the other one. Welcome to parenthood."

November 2011: Jackie’s Crush On Tom Cruise

While filming Jack & Jill in 2011, Adam shared a few love scenes with Katie Holmes. As the actor explained to David Letterman, Holmes’s husband at the time was none other than Tom Cruise — and he couldn’t help but get a little jealous.

In typical good humor, Adam jokingly suggested a wife swap. “It's a PG movie, no worries, nothing is going to happen. In fact, anything I do with your wife in the movie, you can do with my wife in real life," Sandler reportedly told Cruise.

Apparently, Jackie was thrilled by the idea. “Every morning I'd go to the set and hear, 'Please do a love scene. Please slowly take your shirt off in that scene and rub her ever so tenderly,’” Jackie had apparently joked to Adam. In fact, according to the Jewish Journal, Jackie had a “long-time crush” on Cruise at the time.

One thing is clear — this pair definitely share a wicked sense of humor.

May 2014: A Jealousy-Free Relationship

While Adam and Jackie joked about doing a wife swap with Tom Cruise, this couple definitely know how to handle the jealousy that can come with a career on screen.

As Adam told Ellen DeGeneres in 2014, Jackie never got worried about Adam when he filmed love scenes with other actresses.

“There’s no jealousy at all, she’s just like, ‘Get in there,’” the actor said.

“She does!” his frequent co-star Drew Barrymore chimed in. “Like if you’re not being romantic enough, she will, like, berate you behind the camera... his wife Jackie’s amazing.”

Adam brought up his wife’s lack of jealousy again in 2020. “I’m never excited for romantic scenes, but my wife loves the women I work with,” he told W Magazine. “She’s always saying, ‘Come on, make sure you kiss the best you can.’”

September 2019: Making Time For Each Other

With almost two decades of marriage under their belts, Adam and Jackie clearly know how to make their relationship work. So, what is their secret?

Apparently, it’s all about “just getting time together,” as Adam told Closer Weekly in 2019. “Making sure that you don’t run off too long and hanging out together and telling the truth and that kind of thing’s good,” he said.

December 2019: Kind Encouragement

Not only does this pair spend lots of time together, they also know how to be supportive.

In 2019, for instance, Adam explained on The Ellen DeGeneres Show how Jackie had helped him make a career leap into a more serious role with the dark comedy Uncut Gems.

“I read it and I loved the movie but I was scared to do it,” he recalled. “Then I asked Jackie to read it. We do this together, me and Jackie, ... we discuss what I’m going to do and she gives me, you know, strength and courage to jump into this stuff.”

Jackie saw the potential in the role and told Adam he “had to do it.” “Right when she says I have to do it, I’m like, ‘Okay!’ and I’m in there,” he went on.

April 2020: Things Get Spicy During Lockdown

While most couples got a little sick of each other’s company during the lockdown, it seems that Adam and Jackie only got closer.

As Adam confided during a #ConanAtHome interview with Conan O’Brien, he and Jackie actually started to spice things up during the lockdown. As he put it, they were “fooling around a lot more” and getting “very experimental.”

He went into even more detail as the interview went on. “She showed me this new thing the other night that was bananas,” he shared. “You hold yourself up, your wife is laying beneath you, and you do the moves. I was like, ‘What is happening?’”

This may be TMI, but clearly this couple aren’t sick of each other yet!

July 2022: An On-Screen Family Affair

The Sandler family — complete with their daughters — will be starring in the Netflix adaptation of the YA novel You Are SO Not Invited To My Bat Mitzvah! A release date has yet to be announced for the movie, but we’ll be clamorning for our invitations to the on-screen family affair in the meantime.