The Dickinson Season 2 Soundtrack Is Filled With Club Bangers

Save this playlist for when it's safe to party again.

Wiz Khalifa and Hailee Steinfeld in 'Dickinson' Season 2. Photo via Apple TV+
Apple TV+

Over a year since its first season, new episodes of Dickinson have finally hit Apple TV+. The period dramedy follows a young Emily Dickinson, portrayed by Hailee Steinfeld as an outgoing, opium-using, and rule-breaking aspiring poet, as she learns to navigate adulthood. The second installment premiered on Jan. 8, and just like last season, it features an eclectic set of music from both high-profile and left-of-center artists, like Wiz Khalifa (who plays the physical embodiment of Death on the show), Maggie Rogers, and many more.

Alena Smith, the creator of Dickinson, spoke to Vulture back in 2019 about meticulously choosing music to accompany Emily's "radical" and "misunderstood" personality. “This was not going to be a bunch of wilting, floral, perfumy songs. I wanted it to be in-your-face, badass, rager songs because I feel like Emily is raging inside," Smith detailed to the publication, noting that she wrote many of the musical choices into the show's scripts so the actors could fully immerse themselves in the world of Dickinson. After taking on the task of choosing music for the entire season and subsequently realizing how much work it is, Smith hired reputable music supervisor Devon Yates. Together, they crafted the modern soundtrack that accompanies the series.

For the second season of Dickinson, which airs through the end of February, Smith and Yates put together a blend of mainstream and underground music, including club bangers from Cakes Da Killa and Sofi Tukker as well as synth-laced tracks from Gus Dapperton and Superorganism. Apple Music released a playlist of selected tracks from the season, and it's available to stream on the platform. Check out the full list of songs and artists featured in each Season 2 episode below.

Episode 201

  • Your Smith, "Wild Wild Woman"
  • Caracol ft. Illa J, "Flooded Field (Young Wold Hatchlings Remix)"
  • APM, "Horror Hits 7"
  • Sofi Tukker, "Purple Hat"
  • 5 Alarm, "Arrival of the Queen of Sheba"
  • Channel Tres, "Sexy Black Timberlake"
  • 5 Alarm, "Zardok the Priest"
  • YEBBA, "Where Do You Go"

Episode 202

  • Josh Rutter, "O Praise the Lord of Heaven"
  • Demun Jones, "My Town"
  • LunchMoney Lewis, "Make That Cake"
  • APM Music, "Percussion Effects"
  • APM Music, "Snare Drum Roll"
  • Extreme Music, "SEMPER FIDELIS"
  • Jingle Punks, "Piano Sonata No. 16 Movement 10"
  • Hana Vu, "At the Party"
  • Cherry Dragon, "Altar"

Episode 203

  • Universal Production Music, "Love Tarantella Tarallo"
  • Vanilla Hype, "You Know What Time It Is"
  • Bob Davenport, "Tom's Gone to Hilo"
  • 5 Alarm Music, "Carnival Of The Animals No. 7, Aquarium"
  • FirstComm, "Silent Movie Chase"
  • Superorganism, "Everybody Wants to Be Famous"

Episode 204

  • Overcoats, "The Fool"
  • Ryan Pollie, "The Birds"
  • Universal Production Music, "Love Tarantella Tarallo"
  • Jai Wolf, "Lost (ft. Chelsea Jade)"
  • Misterwives, "The End"

Episode 205

  • Dai Burger, "Salty"
  • MEN$A, "I Want It All"
  • Danielle Parente, "Got it Bad for Ya (Uh Oh)"
  • Hermitude, "OneFourThree (ft. Buddy & BJ the Chicago Kid) [Friend Within Remix]"
  • Universal Production Music, "Love Tarantella Tarallo"
  • Shawls, "Pastel Wonderland"
  • APM Music, "Regal Fanfare"
  • Jingle Punks, "Anthem of England"
  • Wild Sons, "Black Tiger"
  • lostboycrow, "Devil's in the Backseat"
  • Death and Vanilla, "Flaw in the Iris"

Episode 206

  • Universal Prod. Music, "La Traviata Prelude To Act 1"
  • Verdi, "La Traviata"
  • Maggie Rogers, "Light On"
  • Teenage Head, "Picture My Face"

Episode 207

  • APM Music, "Ave Verum"
  • APM Music, "Sonata No 2 In D Major For Viola Da Gamba"
  • MunnyCat, "Don't Stop (Drip Drip Drop)"
  • APM Music, "Larghetto Fro The Clarinet Quintet"
  • APM Music, "Ritual Blessing"
  • Allie X, "The Devil I Know"

Episode 208

  • Universal Production Music, "Love Tarantella Tarallo"
  • Qveen Herby, "Vitamins"
  • APM Music, "Mole In The Ground"
  • Buddy Spicher & Benny Martin, "Liberty"
  • Cakes Da Killa, "Gon Blow"
  • Chaptabois, "Just Settle Down"
  • Wiz Khalifa ft. Tyga, "Contact"
  • Chaptabois, "Spit Fya"
  • Leonard Cohen, "You Want It Darker"
  • HEALTH, "Strange Days"

Episode 209

  • APM Music, "Mr. Darcy"
  • Joy Downer, "The Fool"
  • DRAMA, "Forever’s Gone"
  • Litty Kitty, "Serve It Up"
  • Nick Thorburn, "Bad Dream (Serial Season 1 Theme Song)"
  • Volbeat, "Lola Montez"
  • Gus Dapperton, "Give It To Me Straight"

Episode 210

  • Kishi Bashi, "Violin Tsunami"
  • APM Music, "Acceptance"
  • APM Music, "London Pride"
  • Charly Bliss, "Heaven"
  • Joy Downer, "Plastic Wrap"
  • Chiiild, "Back To Life"
  • Sweet Spirit, "Baby When I Close My Eyes"